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Hi!  My name is Mike, and I am a paintball player!  I have been playing this sport since the mid to late 1980's (I can't remember exactly when I started).  This is my page dedicated to the sport I love!

Sport???  Well, yes, paintball is a sport.  Many people think paintball is just a bunch of people sneaking around in the woods shooting at each other, but those who have seen paintball on ESPN know this isn't what it is all about.

Paintball, especially Tournament Paintball, is played on specially designed fields, not in the woods.  These fields have man-made obstacles scattered about - these could be pallets, plywood, 50 gallon drums, contractor's corrugated tubing, or even specially made inflatible barricades.  Quite often there is little, if any, underbrush.  In tournaments, few players wear camouflage, opting instead for bright, colorful jerseys which quite often are adorned with numbers, names, and sponsors' logos.  That's right - sponsors!  Many paintball teams are sponsored either by local businesses, local paintball fields and stores, or even national paintball manufacturers.  There are even PROFESSIONAL paintball players!  What can players win at these tournaments?  Anything from free paintballs, to gift certificates, to new paintball markers, to new cars!  Not to mention the bragging rights to being the best team in the area, state, or even the world!  And as for sneaking around - not hardly!  Expect to spend the entire game on your feet, running left, dodging right, and diving behind cover!  In this sport there are no timeouts, and no substitutions.

So, do I have your attention yet?  No?  Let me say it again - NEW CARS!  For going out and having fun playing paintball! NEW CARS!!!!!And not just one, but one for every person on the team!!!!!

Okay, okay, okay, you have to be the BEST to win a new car, but that doesn't mean that you wouldn't have fun spending a day out on the paintball field, even if you aren't playing in the World Cup.

Now that I've got you convinced, where do you start on your quest to play the fastest growing sport of the new millenium?  Why, right here of course!  Check out my FAQ page, and my tips pages to get you going.  Then follow a couple of links to find out more information, including where to go to play, near you!

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