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Welcome to this page, dedicated to one of my favourite authors, Robert Ludlum, and his books. I've setup this page, because, there seems to be a complete lack of Robert Ludlum material on the Net. I can't find any web site or newsgroup dedicated to him. There may be a mailing list, however, I have to check that out. Anyone, if you have any info on other Robert Ludlum sites/mailing lists, whatever, then PLEASE let me know. A short note is enough. Thanks!

Since there doesn't seem to be any definitive source of info about him, I am building one here, about Robert Ludlum. The information below is rather sparse, indeed,almost nonexistent,just now but I've just started this page, and it'll grow as I get more information. This is the draft FAQ on Robert Ludlum, or rather, it's beginnings. In fact, there is practically nothing there yet..I'm just writing it and gathering info now..but you can take a look at the outline if you want. If someone else is already doing it, let me know. If YOU have any info on Ludlum, that's not in this page, let me know, please. All contributors names will be added to the FAQ.

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