Who Am I?

The Basics.

There isn't a whole lot to write, so this page will be pretty short...my name is Badri Natarajan, and I'm from Madras, India.I live in Bangalore, though since I'm now a first year student of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, which is the premier law school in India, perhaps the whole of Asia.

1983-97: A School Story

I studied in Sishya School where I took the Commerce stream of subjects, with Accounts, Economics, Commerce, English,Maths and Computer Science in 11th/12th grades. The school students are divided into 4 "houses" named after rivers, and I was Captain of Sutlej House, after being elected by my house students in the lower classes, and therefore, a prefect. I was also on the Editorial Board of the School Newspaper, "Newsish". Is it just a coincidence or is it a conspiracy that in my year (1996), there were only *2* boys on the Newsish board? Out of 8 from Class 12, and 4 from lower grades? Hmm...

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth : 17 January 1980
Age: 17
Height : 1.76 metres (that's just over 5'10" for those of you who haven't gone metric yet)
Weight : 57 Kgs ( That's approximately 125 pounds!)
Eyes : Dark Brown
Hair : Black
Eyesight : Bad - I have shortsight of -3 and -1.5 in my eyes. So, I wear spectacles or contact lenses.

Other Interests

Well, I have quite a few interests/hobbies/things to do in my life..quite apart from the normal interests any 17 year old boy would have.:-) I love reading books, (look out for a page on my favourite authors soon)..and my favourite authors are Isaac Asimov, Jeffrey Archer, Robert Ludlum, among lots of others- I read so many books, and love so many, I just can't decide! Primary interests tend to be in SciFi/Fantasy but I do like most kinds.

I also like listening to music a lot, so take a look at my music page for that. Apart from what is there, I listen to a LOT of other stuff, like Def Leppard, Richard Marx, some Indian music, Bon Jovi,etc. Maybe I'll expand my music page soon. I'm expanding my music tastes since joining college as well...I've started listening to a far wider range of music..I love Bruce Springsteen now, and am developing a taste for Pink Floyd as well. Basically, I like most kinds of music, except Rap, Heavy Metal, and some R&B.

I love computers, and fiddling with them, and playing games, as, well as fiddling with the computer itself,the software,etc, I got hooked onto modeming, and BBSing, and sending messages, as well as surfing the Internet, from mid 1994, as well.

I also like watching TV a lot, and my favourite TV shows are Star Trek : (all of them), The X-Files, Friends, Yes Minister(or Yes,PM), L.A.Law (the early episodes), among others. I tend to like most sci-fi, and comedy shows, especially the subtler comedy like Yes Minister. I really like British Comedy shows including other stuff like Fawlty Towers. Oh yes, I only saw a few, but I liked I Love Lucy as well.

Plus, I also write a lot. I was a regular contributor to my school magazine, Newsish, plus I write for a national computer magazine in India , called Computers@Home.

And I love travel as well..I went abroad from India first, when I was less than a year old, and I've been to about 10 countries so far - and I'm dying to go to more. I'm hooked whenever a travel program is on TV. I've been to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates(Dubai/Abu Dhabi), the USA, England, Oman, Romania,Canada (if you count a boat ride to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, as Canada!), and Egypt. I want to see more of Europe now..but I'll go anywhere, I get the chance to!

Well, that's about it about me..if you're interested in the same things..why don't you email me?

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Last modified: October 7 1997
Badri Natarajan
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