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Welcome to Manetheren
Formerly known as The Two Rivers

Hail, weary travelers, and welcome to Manetheren. My name is Lews Therin and I will be your guide during your visit to our lovely nation. (O.K. so the WOT fans out there are saying "But Lews, you never lived in Manetheren. In fact Manetheren never even existed last time you were alive." Well, all right, that's true, but all the places I knew sort of got blowed up, so I figured I'd just move to a nice quiet place in the country and settle down.)

This is of course Emond's Field, the capital of Manetheren. As you can see we have recently begun constructing a wall around the town. Don't worry, though, by Lord Perrin's edict the gates are always open (unless of course the Trollocs attack, then we close them, we're not stupid you know!)

That first house on our right is, of course, my house (lovely isn't it) feel free to drop by anytime, we'll talk, you'll learn a little about me, and maybe I'll learn a little about you.

Over there, on the other side of the Winespring (sweetest water in the world) is Thom Merrilin's house. Thom's is the place to go in Emond's Field if you want to discuss music, or hear about some of Thom's favorite places to go to listen to music.

This here is the newly built Town Hall, the Village Council and Women's Circle meet here. Also, a new group has recently started meeting here called NSAMO (Nova Scotia Anime and Manga Organization) they seem to spend a lot of time talking about some things called Anime (Japanese Animation) and Manga (Japanese Comics). Odd stuff, but a lot of fun. I usually manage to attend their meetings, and I've even occasionally found myself helping out.

Down here near the end of town is the famous Winespring Inn, lovely place to get a drink or a meal, but most famous for it's library. If its books that you're interested in then the Winespring is the place to be in Manetheren.

Oh, by the way, if you head straight west out that gate there you'll enter the Westwood. The road there will take you directly to Rand's house. A lot of people like to see the Dragon Reborn's home for some reason or another.

This new brick building here, on the outskirts of town, is called the Tar Valon District Office (snicker). I don't use it myself but a lot of people find it quite useful for quick transport to other places or for sending messages to people.

And finally we come to the Manorhouse, home of Lord Perrin and Lady Faile. Actually, it might be a good idea if you went in and Signed the Guestbook while you're here. At best it might get you invited to a great party, at worst it will help us to identify whatever the Trollocs leave behind. You might also wish to View our Guestbook and take a look at who else has visited Manetheren recently. I should tell you that this is a new Guestbook, as our old one mysteriously disappeared sometime in the last two months. Our new one is graciously supplied by the folks at Lpage.comGuestbook by Lpage for which we are eternally grateful.

Well, that's our tour of Emond's Field, remember Manetheren is a growing nation and changes take place quickly, so come back and visit often. Perrin Goldeneyes welcomes all visitors who come with an open mind and peace in their hearts. Of course, anyone who comes with malice in their hearts (Whitecloaks, for instance) will be fed to the Wisdom of Emond's Field, Daise Congar (Light have pity on their souls)

Oh, if you are interested, you are visitor number to Manetheren since it's founding (3/25/96).

© 1996 James A. Welsh (with apologies to Robert Jordan)

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