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Hello! I am T. Masami Tadehara!
I am a poetess in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love writing and reading poetry.
I have a strange and cryptic way of expressing myself.
Offering no explanation of the work that I do, I present to you what I consider
my best poems. See what you think and comment if you like.

I hope you like my poetry.
Keep coming to see my page as I display more and newer poems.

Sample my literary talent:

Dress Up
Just Ask
The Difference
The Point
Static Statistic
Falling Out
Waiting Crazy
Rush Hour Traffic
Handy Plastic Snacks
Leave Eyes
The Princess and the Pig

Links to other sites on the Web:

Suzanne Vega
Beanie Babies Official Web Site

My daughter, Debi has some
good work displayed on her site as well!

If you want to see something else, you might want to go visit my husband, Tim.

E-mail me with comments and/or suggestions.

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