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Magic Knight Rayearth is an Anime based on a Manga from CLAMP, known by X and other works.

Magic Knight Rayearth is a tale of three 14 year-old girls; Hikaru, Umi and Fuu, who are transported to Cefiro. In Cefiro, it's pilar's will supports all life. To save this magical place, these girls must become Magical Knights to save princess Emeraude, Cefiro's pilar from Zagato, an evil priest.

Rayearth's story, at first glance, appears to be mostly based on Role Playing Games, featuring magical swords, spells and monsters. Actually, it's more about the friendship bonds the three girls develop, and overcoming your destiny and grief.

In the OVA, Rayearth becomes much more darker and "Clamp-less". Somewhat like the X movie, (i.e. no SD, less humor scenes)and a deathpoll ^^;. Rayearth is a side-story, taking the original core story and placing the action in Earth instead of Cefiro.

The OVA has good design and a better animation studio,but the story seems somewhat rushed with some holes in the plot, which is disapointing for a spinoff of a good TV series.

Super Deformed Rayearth

Hikaru Shidou
Fuu Hououji
Umi Ryuzaki
Princess Emeraude

MIDI/Sound Files
Mokona's Pu-Puu [15 Kb, WAV file]
Determination theme [20K, MIDI]
Opening of first season [23K, MIDI]
Princess Emeraude's theme [2K, MIDI]

1995 CLAMP, Kodansha, TMS.