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Of course there are hundreds of links that contains Aikido information, so here is a small collection of links on Aikido:


Aikido Information - A lot of useful Aikido information

Aikido Today Magazine - A Great Magazine on Aikido, also has an online dojo listing

International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation - Offical homepage for the Yoshinkan

Yoseikan Budo - Nice website with a lot of information on Yoseikan style Aikido

Yoseikan Budo - Another good webpage on Yoseikan Aikido

The Aikido FAQ - Kjartan's great Aikido homepage, Contains several FAQ's

Seidokan Aikido World Headquarters - The late Kobayashi Sensei's Organization

Aikido-L Archives - This is part of John Murray's website


If you feel I have missed out on a good Aikido Webpage, please E-mail me the URL!


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