Below are a listing of different Webpages I have found while cruising on the net. On this page I have also included some links to On-line Magazines/Publishers/Suppliers. Please let me know if any of these links are dead or have changed. Enjoy!

Daito Ryu Links

Aikido Links

Budo Links

Karate Links


On-line Magazines/Publishers/Suppliers:

Asian Journal of Martial Arts

Bushido Online - Entrance

Dragon Times Research & Production Group

Furyu: The Budo Journal - They have a good selection of on-line articles

Aikido Today Magazine - They also provide some on-line articles as well

Aikido Journal Online - No longer updated, but it still has some good articles

Bugei Trading Company - They have a good selection of supplies and books

Koryu Books Home Page - Definitive source on Koryu


If you have any links to add to my webpage or if the links have moved or is no longer working , please email me with any corrections or additions!


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