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KyokoBegin Your Love at Maison Ikkoku

One of my favourite anime of all times, no anime fans should miss this romantic comedy. A love story between a widow who could not forget her late husband and a poor student trying hard to win her heart. Main cast are Kyoko Otonashi(left) and Yusaku Godai.

Madoka AyukawaTake a Walk at Kimagure Orange Road

A romantic-love triangle comedy. Love tussle among three schoolmates. Main cast are Madoka Ayukawa(left), Kyosuke Kasuga and Hikaru Hiyama.

Ai AmanoNow Playing Video Girl Ai

A funny and sometime touching anime. A strange girl come alive from TV to consolate and take care of Video Club Gokuraku members. Main cast are Ai Amano(left) and Youta Moteuchi.

Karin AoiWatch Out for DNA

A fast action packed anime with some amusing moments. A D.N.A. inspector travel from future to stop a boy from becoming a Mega-Playboy. Main cast are Karin Aoi(left), Junta Momonari and Ami Kurimoto.

Morisato Keiichi and the goddess BelldandyHave You Dial ? Ah ! My Goddess

This anime is about the love relationship between the ordinary college student and the goddess Belldandy, who are brought together after accidentally phones to the Relief Goddess Office, summoning Belldandy. Main cast are Belldandy(upper left), Morisato Keiichi(lower left), Skuld and Urd.

There have been visitors who had seen my favourite female anime characters since 8 September 1996

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