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Dear Farhan & Akim,

The house now is a bit quiet without both of you around, especially during the night times when Hisham too is out to tuition. Maybe both emak & I have gotten too used to having 7 kids in the house making noise almost all the time, but with the absense of the 'top 3' we have to make a little bit of adjustments.

Maybe we've not told you personally but let it be known that both emak and I are very, very proud of your achievements. We do hope that both of you continue to study smart and produce good results all the time.

As for photos of your brothers and sister on this page, I'll try to update them as often as I can. Keep on checking this page to see if new photos or information have been added onto it.

Abah, April 29, 2003 @ 9:50pm

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