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My full name is Mohammed Waled Tchelebi, and I'm 19 years old Syrian male. Originally I'm from a city in northern part of Syria called Aleppo (it's also the second biggest city after Damascus). I lived there for 14 years, to be honest with you I didn't achieve anything for some reason, but with the help of my father and the support of my family I decided to go abroad and study English.

In England I stayed at a boarding school in Suffolk County which is on the east part. I had friends from all over the world and I like it verd much so I stayed there for 3 academic years. I had friends from all over the world and like it very much. I wanted to move on to college, but due to my health statue my family decided to keep me away from going back to England. So I got to decide between staying in Syria or leaving to Taipei were my father have been there for more than 16 years. For me I had only one choice that is leaving to Taipei.

So in Sep. 1997 I landed here, this wasn't my first time but it was the weirdest. Since then I have been doing some work in the office also doing something I would called amazing which is learning Chinese, The language of one fifth of the total world population. Now after one year I learned lots of things about the life in different parts of the world and also my language skills has improved sharply, but don't except me writing these tiny funny characters. Lolol

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