Syrian's national airline is Syria Arab Airlines (RB). Syria Arab Airlines fly to Aleppo, Palmyra, Deir ez Zor, Qamishly and Lattakia. Fares in general are exceeding cheap.

International airports: Damascus (DAM), 30 km southeast of the city (travel time 30 minutes). Facilities include banking, restaurants/snack bars, duty free shop and tourist information. A bus service runs every 20 minutes. Returns are from the city center. Taxis are available, but it is advisable to negotiate fares beforehand if there is no taximeter in the cab.

Aleppo: (ALP) 10 km. From the city (travel time 20 minutes). Facility including banking, restaurants/snack bars and tourist information. Bus and taxi services go to the city.

Lattakia: 25 km. from the city. Although there are no scheduled flights serving this airport, some chartered flights run here.

Departure tax: 200 Syrian Pound. Transit passengers are exempt.


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