December 18, 2000: Finally most of the pages have been somewhat refreshed somewhat, decided to kinda keep the same design for a little bit long till I have time to redo some graphics and come up with a new design.  But to the real updates, I've changed the title of the page if you haven't noticed.  I've added a page which I call 'my.delusions' which is kinda like a journal of sorts.  Next up on the updates is the music page and the links page.  Look for that, hopefully soon.
December 13, 2000: Updated the updates page, took off the graphics, will do new graphics later on when I have time.  Updated my cars page, just got some new stuff on my car, headers, exhaust, speakers, amp and a bunch of other things.  Updated my bios page with updated info and updated photos.  If there's anything you wanted to save from this site, please save it soon, because just about everything coming down soon and something new will be put up.  And the title of this page will change as well.
November 12, 2000: It's been about 2 years since I last updated this thing. I'm going to try to update this page like once a month or so, but no promises here. Also I'm going to simplify the entire thing. When I get time I'm going to refresh everypage and probably take most of the graphics down for a more plain look. The first update I've done to these pages is the cars page. I know the links been broken on it for a long time. And now it's back but the focus of it has changed. Originally it was about Hondas/Acuras in general and mostly pictures of them, now the page is just about my cars. Hope you enjoy and come back. And like always you can always e-mail me with questions and suggestions.
June 5, 1998: WOW! It's ben over a month since my last update! I'm sorry for that! But my finals are over now, it ended last week and well I got kind of lazy after then and needed a rest from doing anything, but it should be back on track now. Expect updates every two weeks or so. Well, what's new now, I changed some of the pics, no bigger, but the only other thing I did was add a new page, VidCap Sensation! It currently has two movies for download, one is H.O.T.'s We are the Future video which is a really cool song. The other is SPEED's My Graduation video which is another cool song. Oh yeah, if anybody out there knows how to convert a MPEG to an AVI please e-mail me! I've tried it with a couple of programs but the audio is always out of sync with the video. Thanx in advance!
April 28, 1998: As promised, more updates! I've updated almost all the pages with this new design, the only ones that haven't is the honda page, I'll do that next time I get some new pics to put on it. Other then the design update, there's been 3 new songs added to the neo.techno page! Check out the D&D song, it's a Japanese group but it's sung in English! Also I need your help! I need info on engine swaps on the 5th gen Civic, any help would be greatly appreciated!
April 26, 1998: Been a while since I updated! Sorry! Been very busy, but as you seen, there's a new look to the old pages. E-mail your comments. I'd really like to know how everybody thinks about it! The banner on the front page is to a place that sells HK PSX CDs. Not all the pages have been updated with this design yet, so expect another update soon!
April 10, 1998: Added the skins page! Go check it out! Also updated the links page, check just about every link there, tell me if there's any dead links okay?
April 5, 1998: happy late b-day to me! thanx to everybody that e-mailed me about it! but here's the important stuff you came here for! m:g's new song is out! and due to popularity and high demand, all 9 mixes of her song, sweet honesty have been put up on a separate page, but this page will only be here for a limited time, cuz all those files take up space, i'll take the songs down when i need the space so go to it asap! click here for sweety honesty by m:g!
March 26, 1998: Neo-Techno been updated with 2 songs, one freestyle the other Kpop! And look out for a new design of the pages in the coming weeks and the addition of more pages! I'd like to thank everybody for their support! ^_^ And since Geocities is giving away 6 megs of space now, expect more from these pages!
March 7, 1998: It's been about two weeks since I've updated last and I apologize for that. But well, I've added new songs and deleted old songs from the Neo-Techno page again. Hope you enjoy it!
Feb. 15 1998: Happy late Valentine's Day! the only thing that's updated is the honda page with 30+ more pics added!
Jan. 24, 1998: Wow! Another update only within a couple of days! It's a new record for me, but this is a small update, I added Buffy's new single, "2 Find U (Pretty Planet Edit)" to the Neo-Techno page! And the link on the Mandarin "Lemon Tree" is fixed.
Jan. 20, 1998: Since I missed it, I'd like to wish everybody a late happy New Year! And Chinese New Year(Jan. 28 if you didn't know)! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been in recent troubles, bad luck seems to just follow me everywhere, I've just accumilated a $900 debt which will be hard for me to pay off, even tho I've been accepted to SJSU, I might not be able to attend the Fall '98 session due to circumstances, and also a very special friend of mines has just left Frisco to go back to her home in Japan, I MISS YOU EMI! But we are back on track(I hope!)! There's changes to the Neo-Techno page and Links page! And I'm working on the an Anime and Poetry page! Please submit some poems that you believe to be good so I might be able to up them up! Thanx!
Nov. 15, 1997: Updated Neo-Techno page with 2 more songs!
Nov. 08, 1997: Added a page about me if you guys want to know my info
Nov. 04, 1997: Added Honda/Acura Page!
Oct. 21, 1997: Updated neo-techno page, put neo-techno on separate page. My Honda dedication page with many pics of Hondas and Acuras will be here soon!