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Do you know Norika? She was representing Japan in the ceremonies for the World Cup 2002!

Nice pictures

And Bonus!, another page totoro . Just some links, to Doraemon, Virtual Pets & so...

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto is one of the few Japanese musicians known outside Japan.
Thanks to Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and The Last Emperor.

See an Internet broadcast (on December 22nd 1997) of one concert from the "f" tour.

Music play.. And in 1996, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Toshio Iwai experimented with sound and images using piano and computers.
Again it was available on the Internet, but not anymore... The link will take you to cool YMO pictures!!

RS eyes In 1997, the internatioanl version of Smoochy

Also in 1997, in Japan, the 4-part Discord Discord cover composition : Grief, Anger, Prayer, Salvation.

A very personal piece, recorded live during the Playing the Orchestra 1997 'f' Tour.
The Jungle remix was done live on stage too; check the Laser Disc if you can.
If not, the CD itself comes with a multimedia section, quite interesting.

Here is a list of his music and movie soundtracks,
and the same with my comments.

Ryuichi Sakamoto was also part of Yellow Magic Orchestra, AKA YMO YMO logo.
If you like electronic music, you want to know YMO!

Check the list of sites about Ryuichi Sakomoto and YMO...
including a link to a Live performance from the Trio World Tour (August 1996).
And check here for his 1997 tour in Japan (official site).
1996 The Official and good-looking official Sakamoto site , including an interesting and often funny diary.


Here are some interesting links about Japan :

A memorial/museum about the bomb : Hiroshima, 1945

Want to see Japanese sport cars? (Race Queens here).

To prepare a journey to Japan, visit this tourist info site.
Discover Okinawa, including wannabe models.
A fellow Geo-citizen page about Okinawa, very informative.

More seriously, the site dedicated to the protest against the rape of a young girl by US soldiers in Okinawa.

Beautiful Japanese ceramic ware from Kanazawa. Teraoka paintings
A virtual art gallery presenting work by oriental artists.

One of the numerous WWW pages about anime.
And the voice behind the face : seiyuu actresses (anime voices).

Japanese Life

Other aspects of Japanese society :

The cliche side of Japan :
About Yakuza
To know about otaku : a study
The fascinating love hotels (texts).

A description of a tea ceremony.
In Ottawa, Canada, but who cares? (pictures!) New

Japanese TV : 1/2
An official UK site with Japanese Pop Charts.
Which TV station in Japan?
With more links to more TV stations!!! Go and click!

Biographies of famous Japanese people.
The new Japanese phenomenon : DK96 smiling? Kyoko Date, virtual idol! (if you prefer English).

More about music :

J P O P culture and music. (7 links on this line only!)
logo The famous Shonen Knife have several sites dedicated to them.
Here is a fan page including a comic :
"The night I almost met Shonen Knife"...
A very neat Pizzicato 5 fan page.

Susumu Hirasawa? Find him on the Ghost Web... He is a cyber artist, well worth a look.

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