Upcoming Events - Information on retreats, meetings, and other JCF activities. Updated May 2001

Newsletters - Download past editions of the JCF newsletter.(Coming Eventually)

Tape Library Listing - A list of over 500 titles available for short term loan or copy (when permitted by copyright law). This is a complete, updated listing made available online for anyone *in Japan* who wants to order a tape or check on a specific title. New and improved for easier access! Check it out!!! Contact JCFO with questions or comments: JCF Online Coordinator. Unfortunately, we cannot ship tapes overseas.

Book Library Listing - A list of over 300 books available for short term loan through the post *in Japan*. Also new and improved for easier access! Check it out!!! Questions and comments can be sent to the current book library coordinator, Betsy Myers. Unfortunately, we cannot ship books overseas.

Networking - If you are in Japan or on your way, JCF Online can put you in touch with other Christians in Japan via the internet. JCF Online seeks to provide an inexpensive way for Christians around Japan to keep in touch, pass along prayer concerns, Bible verses, and news related items. To find out more, please send a message "RE:CSG Online".

Alumni Networking - Are you a former CSG OR JCF member who would like to be added to the JCF Alumni list or perhaps you want to get in touch with other JCF Alumni? This page will tell you how.

Updated July 15, 2001

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