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Ordering Information
To order a tape, please send the category, name of tape and number, speaker's name, along with your name and address, to the JCF Tape Library Coordinator. Payment is not required to use the JCF Tape Library, but we do ask that you reimburse the cost of the blank tapes and postage. This is approximately 300* for the first tape and 200* for each additional tape for those tapes which can be legally copied. Postage is approximately as follows: 1=190*; 2=270*; 3=270*; 4=390*. Because of the weight of coins it is difficult to return change, so please keep this in mind when making your orders. You may also send your payment in 80* stamps or use the "JCF Discount Coupons".
You may borrow up to four tapes at one time, to allow the tapes to circulate widely. Tapes will be loaned for about two weeks. When you receive the tapes you will also receive the date on which they are to be back in the library. Please try to keep to these dates, out of courtesy to others, but there will be no late fines.
More information is available by writing JCF Online,
Copyright Information
JCF has made every effort to ensure that our loaning and duplication policies are in compliance with the applicable copyright laws. Therefore,
music tapes (and a few SERMON/MESSAGE tapes that are indicated with a *) are available for loan only.
This library is based on donations from past and current JCF members. We have made every effort to provide a quality, diverse selection of tapes which sensitive to the needs of the JCF membership. However, JCF does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in these tapes.

Updated July 15, 2001
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