Inside Nikaido's Room

The odor of cigarette smoke lingers, hitting your senses in the way a cannon ball might. It's actually a decent looking room, as though someone actually *tried* to make it look semi nice... unlike the rest of the place, it looks inhabitable. Where is this? Room #2, home to Nikaido Nozomu...

Who is that guy who appears in the Maison Ikkoku movie?

Nikaido Nozomu's first appearance in number 8 of the Maison Ikkoku manga marked the beginning of his reoccuring role in the series. The writers left him out in the anime, feeling he wasn't important enough to bother with. The production team for the movie felt that they should include him due to his numerous appearances in the manga.
Nikaido is basically an insensitive blabbermouth who doesn't really consider the consequences of what he's saying and seldom has a clue what's going on around him. Most of Nikaido's lines were given to Yotsuya in the anime. Because of this, Yotsuya seems more tight-lipped in the manga than he does in the anime.
In the manga, Nikaido is a fairly significant supporting character. About 5 chapters of the manga were rewritten or totally ignored for the anime due to his absence. One of the more familliar scenes that were rewritten was the tracking of Yotsuya to work. This was given to Godai, who followed Yotsuya in an attempt to discover what he does for a living. It was almost a total copy of the scene from the manga, only Godai instead of Nikaido.

The seiyuu who voiced Nikaido Nozomu is known as Horikawa Ryo. This link will bring you right to his voice credits page. Surprisingly, the fact that he even voiced Nikaido is nowhere to be found on said list. Hafta see about remedying that, don't I? =)
And for the truly curious, it seems Viz Communications has gotten around to the chapters in which Nikaido appears. First appearance in 6/1. He continues to have a major role up through 6/4, so go check it out! =)
Nikaido's Notebook - A somewhat first-person view on the happenings at Ikkoku-kan as seen from Nikaido's perspective. Somethin' t'read if ya never hearda me. =)
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