Index of Eli's many and manifold pages ^_^

GRIT (Overview, pictures, links..)
Kappa's biography page, with stats for GRIT.
Eli Kaplan's personal info page.
The Unknown, Eli's radio show at 99.5 WUSR Scranton
The obligatory links page. ^_^
Vinyl Listings for Eli's personal collection. This is hideously obsolete, by the way..
OTAKON! OTAKON! OTAKON! Imagine! The page gets an update with OTAKON info! OTAKON! OTAKON! OTAKON! Heh... well, more specifically, a review page, a page with the scans of the gorgeous convention badges, and a page of pictures. All taken by moi.

Oh, geez. Can you imagine it? MORE new content. Otakon 1999 pictures have just been added on July 20, 1999.

For those of you who requested it! The Evangelion track on .mp3 you'll NEVER find anywhere else! The track comes from German label B2's artist "Absolute Terror Field". The track's name? Dirac's Sea.

Well, for the purposes of being a completist I put on a webcounter on this page on 15.9.98. So that makes this the number hit.

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