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Let me respectfully remind you, Life and Death are of Supreme Importance.
Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Let us strive to awaken, Awaken.
Take heed, do not squander your life.   chant of the jukido (time keeper) at the evening zazen


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    Leigh Brasington's Top 10 Web Sites

    Access to InsightTHE source for the Buddha's teachings on the internet.
    Dependent OriginationA beautifully done explanation of this important teaching.
    Waking from the Meme DreamMemes are the scientific explanation behind what the Buddha taught.
    The Nine PlanetsTake a multi-media tour of the Solar System.
    Astronomy Picture of the DayA new window on our universe every day.
    HowStuffWorksFind out how anything works on this is amazing, award-winning website.
    Guardian UnlimitedGet a better picture than from the slanted US sources. Also BBC & Reuters.
    DailyKosPolitical blog where you learn the news 2 weeks sooner than from old media.
    Intellicast WeatherForecasts, Radar images, Satellite images - for all your locations of interest.
    The Shrine of the Winking BuddhaJust for Fun.

    Computer Security Web Sites

    Gibson Research CorporationClick on their Shields Up link to test you computer's networking security.
    Secunia Software InspectorInspects operating system & software for insecure versions, missing security updates.
    AVG Anti-Spyware FreeFree version of AVG's commercial anti-virus software. More Info
    Ad-AwareRequired! Remove spyware from your system. More Info.
    Vista Firewall ControlFor Win/Vista - extends built-in firewall to include outgoing protection. Free version.

    Recommended Freeware and Shareware

    IrfanViewFreeThe BEST image viewer in the universe!
    AbiWord FreeFree MS-Word compatible word processor. See also Open Office for full suite.
    gPhotoShowFreeSlide Show Screen Saver.
    FirefoxFreeGet rid of insecure Internet Explorer and move up to the best browser around.
    HTTrackFreeAllows you to download an internet site to your hard disk for off-line browsing.
    Xenu's Link SleuthFreeChecks web sites for broken links; builds a site map.
    7-ZipFreeCompress and uncompress files. Much better than WinZip, which costs $ now.
    Eusing Registry CleanerFreeA clean registry is a fast registry. Backup your registry before cleaning!
    Auslogics Registry DefragFreeAfter cleaning your registry, defrag it for even better proformance.
    Auslogics Disk DefragFreeA far better disk defrager than comes with Windows.
    Perforce  Free*Free 2 user source control system - follow 10 minute demo instructions.
    Leigh's SharewareFreeMy stuff ain't bad either.
    * Perforce is a commercial SCM system that allows you unrestricted use of their free 2 user demo system.

    Recommended Commercial Sites

    Pariyatti WholesaleBuddhist books from The Buddhist Publication Society.
    Draw 3 LinesBreakthru drawing kit: A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Draw.
    Invisible ClockSmall timer that beeps or silently vibrates and has 12 alarms
    Bug BusterA wand with a small fan for easily catching & removing bugs

    For more great web sites, check out My Firefox Bookmarks

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