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Come with me to Hong Kong , and Indonesia(East Java and Bali). .

We left Washington National International Airport on Saturday September the 14. We took US air to San Francisco. From here Singapore Airlines. I would highly recommend Singapore Airlines, for there excellent service, free movies, video game, drinks(free) and a lot of great meals(2 dinners with wine of your choice and breakfast) you will real want to eat.
We arrived at Hong Kong port it was Monday 16 of September (the traveling time is only around 24 hours). Descending through the clouds the first things you notice are the skyscrapers. Hay its New York in Cantonese!

Hong Kong is a fantastic place at night

We stayed at B & P International Hotel in Kowloon, next to Kowloon park.

There is a lot more to Hong Kong than expected. Hong Kong Island has areas such as Aberdeen(fisherman’s bay) Ocean Park ( amusement park) Repulse Bay (beautiful beach with a shrine)
A single fishing boat

and Stanley Market(SHOPPING!)
If you like gold Asia can be one of the best places to shop. The gold is usually sold as 24 and 22 carats. Anything less than that is considered as white Gold( low grade)

The new territories would be great places for a picnic. The Kowloon area has many things to keep you happy, Shopping, dinning and entertainment, Parks and Sports arenas.

The people are friendly to tourist especially if you can speak Chinese. A lot of people and places only cater to the Chinese speakers, but you can still find one or two people who can help you. Dont expect to see people dress in Chinese styled clothing. You will however see European and American styled fashions .

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