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Male Singers
Female Singers
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Male singers

Daniel Chan (Dong Dong)

Takuya Kimura

Ekin Cheng

Aaron Kwok

Female singers

Kelly Chen

Vivian Chow

Faye Wong

Sammi Cheng

Charlie Yeung

Carman Lee

Gigi Leung

Cool Links

The World of ZEN
YES! Magazine

Friend's Links

Launchpad; Emily's Homepage - Sailormoon, Lois & Clark, and more stuff like that ...
Foxfire's Homepage - More Sailormoon and Anime!
Jimmy's Pageant Page - PAGEANTS!!! Lots of pagent info
Rain/Ishara's Homepage - probably more Sailormoon and maybe X-men
MgcMonkey's Jacky Cheung Homepage - Jacky Cheung of course, and other Hong Kong entertainment
Kamil's Page - who knows (?)
Sari's page - BUSH and other bands
Jacky's homepage - my friend who's homepage is EXACTLY the same as his brother's
Ding's Homepage - thanks for telling me how to IRC! ZEN fans rule!
Yuke's Homepage - My little brother's page - SPORTS!
Ming Seng Photo Studio - Cool Pics of HK stars

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