Anime Characters

From : Koko Wa Greenwood
This guy is soooo cool, personality wise, emotionally wise... No wonder he's the Ryokoto Student Council President. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

From : X
He's funny, sarcastic, and he saves the day. Not only that, but he also decides that he is Arashi and Kamui's protector... So, he's my hero because...he's a hero. :)

From : Ranma 1/2
Yes that's his real name.. This is because a lecherous old man named him. He's evil, conniving, plotting, and he's so cool that I based a MUSH character on him.

From : Please Save My Earth
M-kun! He's a studly ESPer, and not only that, but he saves Haruhiko and Tamura-san from the evil evil evil Rin.

From : Dragon Half
Why is he my hero? Because he's the first man to admit that his brain is very compact. Plus, he's unbelievably silly. That's one of the big qualities I look for in a person. ;)

Television and Book Characters

From : Companions of the Night
He is without a doubt the coolest vampire /ever/. Forget Anne Rice, Vivian Vande Velde writes the best vampires...

From : A Well-Timed Enchantment
He used to be cat until some elves made him human so he could help his owner find her watch. It sounds confusing but it makes sense when you read the book. Anyway, he's a neat character, and probably the studliest cat around.

From : Jurassic Park
Just so you know, I'm talking about Muldoon from the /book/ not the movie. Anyway, he's an old drunk game warden, he's tough, and sarcastic
and really cool.

From : Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The TV show, not the movie. ;) Angel is another studly vampire. He's not quite as cool as Ethan, but he is the angsty-vampire-with-the-tortured-soul. That's almost more appealing than wit and sarcasm... Of course, it doesn't hurt that Angel's also yummy-looking. :)

Real People

Stephen Sondheim
The best songwriter, ever. I even have a shrine dedicated to him.

Billy Joel
Yet another wonderfully talented songwriter.. I absolutely love his music, and it's scary how much I relate to his lyrics...

Ira Gershwin
Wow! Another great songwriter! He wrote some of the best lyrics ever. Anyone who doesn't know who Ira and George Gershwin are needs to be bapped on the head and shown the light. ;)

Bernadette Peters
She's a great actress, a great singer, she's beautiful, and I hear she's also an incredibly nice person. Plus, she's Rita on Animaniacs!

Vivian Vande Velde
Is my favorite authors. She wrote two of the three books listed up there.. I'm /so/ glad that she's started some other books like The Conjurer Princess, and The Changeling Prince. I was starting to feel like a loser, having to look in the 'Young Adult' section at the library and bookstores. :)

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