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You are the CountZ.com CountZ.com (+ 312, which was the count before the last counter died)person to pass through the index without being disgusted.

The Main Page

Ok, For those of you who saw the original version of my page:

Isn't this better? Now I don't give you only 2 choices. AND I'm actually organized, not just posting random things here and there.

For those who never saw the original version of the page:

Da ha ha ha...Ignore the message to those who did....It's a lie. My page was...GREAT before, and now it's greater!

Well, your choices are below, so I guess that's all I have to say.

My Mousse Shrine!
My MINI Roxxette shrine
My Bio

Fan Fiction


My ZARBON Shrine

Song Lyrics I like ^_^

My Pocket Bishonen

My Shrine to Murdoc and 2-d From Gorillaz

Starlight Love Fan Club

Starlight Love Fan Club

suburata got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com

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