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Hello?  Is this thing on?  I guess it is...

Hi!  My name is Cat, and I'm a half-dragon...or so my mother says.

I live with my mother in the "Silver Mountain"...although it doesn't look silver at ANY time except for dawn...and then only for about two seconds.  My place is nice and roomy, lots of toys (read: clothing) and lots of time to myself. Where is it?   Well, Silver mountain is about twelve kilometers from Jasper. Where's that?  Err...it's on the west side of Alberta.  What country? You really don't know, do you?  Well, Silver Mountain is outside of Jasper, in Alberta, in Canada, in North America, on Earth, which is also called Sol III, in the solar system Sol.  There...that specific enough for you? Yes?  Good.

Me?  Well, I'm about 150 years old, right now...I have purple eyes, red hair, and tiger striped fur everywhere else except for my arms, which looks like Cheetah coloring.  Mother says my eyes go to a green color during the new moon, but I wouldn't know...I look like a big platinum dragon at that point.  My mother is the only female platinum dragon in existance...what do you mean I am too?  I'm only a half-dragon.  My father?  Mother says he was a were-cat, so that could mean he was almost anything from a human to an elf or dwarf.

My friend's name is Cyber-bunny, or I call her Bunny (her real name is Skye, but don't tell her I told you that). She looks like a big tall rabbit with floppy ears and dragon wings most of the time, but she seems to look like a human to other humans most of the time.  Why?  I don't know...it's just something that happens.  Me?  Well, I look like I always do, even to humans.  Back to Bunny.  Well, Bunny's addicted to computers...you couldn't drag her away from hers if your life depended on it.  How strong is she? Well, she's a little stronger than me...she can bench press my Porche.  You think I'm kidding?  I'm not...really.  Bunny's fur is tan all over her, except for her arms, which look like they've been silvered or something.  She has this cute little nose that I just love to beep, but she hates that...oh, well...*grins*

Well, I have to go now..time to shop and all...



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