Lily-chan no Uchi

Lily-chan no Uchi

Hey! Welcome Home!

Last Updated January 27, 2003.

Hang out, read some stuff, ask before borrowing, and let me know how ya like it.

Lily-chan's Diary
For the latest information...

Lily-chan's Fanfic Theater
A growing handful of fan fictions, serious and other wise. Shows currently on display: A whole s*t load of Gundam Wing, with references to SM, BH, Nadesico, and a hint of lots of other stuff in the crossovers.
Last updated 1-27-03

The Side Scroll Life
A small, worthless little beast of a site about a Gundam Wing comic of the same name.
Updated every Thursday or so...

Fly High Nadesico!!!
A rather extensive site still in the making, I'm afraid. You can find information for episodes 1-12, plus lots of insights on the show in general from myself and my little sister.
Fandom in Fall Semester, 2000. Last updated 9-27-00, despite what the page says...

Those Wacky Hunters
I haven't worked on this one in a while, either. The only thing I recommend it the mini-essay/critique of the OVA's. Pretty silly, I think.
Fandom on January 1999. Last updated 8-10-01.

Lily-chan's Phone Book
It has ugly colors and is full of people I hardly see anymore...just like the one I have in real life ^_^. Currently being updated, so chill...

Lily-chan's Library
Ever wonder what such-and-such (read:Lily-chan) means by when she s/he said this (read:"pecho-nalidad")? This the place to read up on the things I allude to but never explain.

If you ever have the need to return here, don't worry, you'll find the way. Have fun, don't get lost, and welcome to my home.

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