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Yaaay! pretty pictures! I hope you enjoy them!

NEW Art!

Hiei 45k A pensive Hiei....YYH

Prince Charming (?) 64k Just ink on paper!
Catboy! 76k Catboy for passionate Kiss!!!
PWP Poster 79k
Blair fanart for Pluto! (Rifts) 100k
Onyx fanart for Ashura! ^_^ (Promise) 53k
Brian fanart for Abby! (Tough Love) 53k

Fan Art!

Whirlwind 70k
Tsukiko I 81k
Tsukiko II 50k
SD Tsukiko 65k

Zelgadis 80k

Bakaretsu Hunters
Whip On 94k

Original Art!

Ni-San from Inheritance Blues 30k
An Elf 46k
Blonde Bishonen 32k
Fellah with attitude 23k
Adonicus 48k
Red Orpheus
Red O 49k
Red O Promo 76k

Alia 156k
Namaan 107k
1998 Calendar 73k
Random 35k
Uknown Eude 70k


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