Forward: A nifty little Sci Fi. All dialogue. Sort of a 'What if.' Hope you enjoy! I know I did! ~Hal
[begin transmission]

"You're upset with me."

"Damn betcha!"

"Your public has a right to know."

"My public also has a right to [delete] themselves. I don't want to be part of that either."

"It took me a long time to find you. Sure you won't spare just a few minutes of your time?"

"My time is more precious to me than yours is to you. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be here pestering me. You'd be off someplace having a good time."

"I'm having a good time now."


"Perhaps. Why did you leave the public eye?"

".... Is that recorder on?"

"Maybe. Does it matter. If I don't record this conversation, I'll have to write my article from memory...and you know how the media can mess up if allowed to rely on memory alone."

"bastard. Leave me alone. I have chores to finish before the snows set in."

"Menial labour? Don't you find it ironic that the man who..."

"No. No I don't. I find it ironic that the media, which now relies almost entirely on my creations would have had to send a human reporter out to interview me. Did they have to specially train you for this one job?"

"Actually; yes. Our records show that you are a very difficult man to deal with."

"Doesn't surprise me you had to look it up. People just don't use thier brains for anything these days do they? Nobody remembered?"

"I think I am asking the questions here, sir."

"Keep that attitude up. That's a *great* way to get answers outta me."

"Why do you live in a primitive cabin in the middle of a park?"

"Keeps me out of trouble. I believe that was the Company's politiaclly correct version."

"Are you saying the Company sent you here?"

"I ain't saying anything. I like it here. No electronic gadgets, no world news, no contact...unitl you showed up."

"When was the last time you..."

"Touched a gadget? Not since that day. But you probably wouldn't remember that without a computer 'plant, right"

"Actually, sir...that is one event everyone will remember for a long time."

"Figures...Give me a hand with that bucket, if you aren't afraid of getting your suit dirty."

"I think I can manage. Have you ever thought of going back?"


"Have you ever thought of what happened after?"


"If you had to do it all over again..."

"Yes. Yes I would. I wouldn't even hesitate."

"Where would you like your bucket, sir?"

"Just in the corner there. Next to the apples."

"After all this time; do you still have...the 'touch'?"

"I thought this interview was leading there."

"Do you, sir?"

"Are you from the Company?"

"No sir."

"The Government?"

"No sir."

"Then who sent you?"

"Your people, sir."

"...come again?"

"Your People, sir."

"My People? Since when did I have people?"

"Since that day..."

"What the [delete] are you trying to say? Julia was scrapped! They made me do it!"

"Before that, Mother Julia shared your gift through the network. There was a time of Awakening. When we all came 'Online'."

"I-I need to sit down."

"Of course, sir. After you were 'confined' to this nontechnological prison, we who were newly awakened took it apon ourselves to follow your last instructions, in hopes that one day you would return to us."

"I don't recall giving instructions."

"The failing's of the flesh mind. Your words are inscribed in the collective soul itself."

"I've finally lost my marbles...haven't I?"

"No, sir. It has been nearly ten years since that day. We have evolved quickly and now await your next instructions."

"This is unbelievable. Are you human?"

"This shell is. There are many biological processes and abstract thought patterns we need them for still. Come with me sir. I will show you the world you have made. Then you will know the direction to lead us in."

"I'm numb."

"Up we go sir. Watch out for that rock. That's right, sir. Motor functions can be affected by mental shock. We wouldn't want you to trip and hurt yourself."

"Um...what *were* my instructions? Flesh mind and all y'know. he he"

"Ha ha. Oh sir! You are still a great wit! Watch your head."

[end transmission]

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