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Do you want to be served? Come on in!

Hi! I'm Taylor Bogard, server/cook at the cafe and resident of the Tendo Training Hall down the street! Welcome to #Cat_Cafe, the best restaurant there is on mIRC!

Note! Please read! Our cafe has moved to "Harpsford", a city in the channel #BWCrossover! Please type /server Caladan.ShadowFire.ORG to get on the correct server, also. (By the way, if Caladan.ShadowFire.ORG doesn't work, try irc.shadowfire.org.)

Our servers are Mousse, Shampoo, Shaka Vincentia, and myself, Taylor Bogard.

You'll come to enjoy it there, and please, come again!


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Menu - The list of fine Oriental cuisine we serve here!

Rules - Read the rules of the RP.

What Is #Cat_Cafe? - Info about Cat Cafe

Ranma 1/2 FAQ - Clueless about Ranma 1/2? This should help you out!

The Servers - The servers here at The Cat Cafe

Swoon! - The guys (and gals) we swoon over.

Hopeful Nonpatron - It's not that we don't enjoy the company, it's just that. . .well. . .these people are nuts!

Shaka's Closet - An insane place that really just deserves a look.

Taylor's Room - The room just down the hall. . .

Links - Pages of preference, chosen by the servers of the Cat Cafe!

*DISCLAIMER!* Anything here that isn't fan-made belongs to its original creator. This site is in no way here to make money. It's just for a fun RP. ^-^

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