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These are the most important characters in DBZ

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    His real name is Kakaroto. He discovered that from his brother Raditz which is also the first time he learned that he is a Saiyajin.

    Not only is he a great warrior, but also a spectacular leader. Throughout the entire series, he had inspired many, including both of his sons, Gohan and Goten and especially Vegeta. He is a diligent and hardworking person who would never fail to take on new challenges. Even though he had became the most powerful warrior in the universe by defeating Freeza, he still strive to become better. After Future Trunks had foretold the arrival of the cyborgs and Dr. Gero. He could have opted for the easy path by getting to Dr. Gero before the cyborgs were created, but he chose to challenge himself instead by preparing for their arrival.

    Goku’s unfaltering spirit and confidence is remarkable. After he forfeited the battle against Cell, no one, not even Gohan himself had the confidence to defeat Cell. Goku was the only one who had confidence in Gohan and followed through all the way to the end, even after Gohan was seriously injured and lost the will to fight. He never quits under any circumstance. Even after everyone gave up, his mind never stopped looking for solutions. Seconds before Cell was about to explode and destroy Earth, Goku realized he could teleport Cell to another location.

    His leadership and inspiration was proved pivotal as Future Trunks unveiled the grim story of his time where Goku died of a rare heart disease and everyone except for Trunks were killed. The most tragic of all was that Gohan’s tremendous talent was never realized as he died under the hands of #17.

    After the Dragon Ball Warriors initial encounter with #17 and #18 and subsequently Cell, Goku realized that he must transcend the Super Saiyajin to stand a chance against the cyborgs. Under his guidance, an intensive training program in the "Time Room" was launched. During that time, he trained Gohan for the first time and fully unleashed Gohan's potential.


    The one person he had inspired most throughout the series was Vegeta. Vegeta entered the story as as an evil individual who would find any means necessary to satisfy his hunger for power who was also too proud to accept defeat. Through Goku’s inspiration, Vegeta slowly transformed into a good hearted person who accepted himself. During Goku’s final battle with Majin Buu, he openly accepted that he was no match for neither Buu nor Goku and willing to participate in the sidelines (by gathering energy for Goku’s final strike) rather than the actual fight.




He is the first child of Son Goku. Named after Goku's adopted grandfather, his tremendous talent and power was readily apparent in his childhood. In the battle against Raditz, Gohan's horrifying power substantially injured him, assisting both Piccolo and Goku.

As Piccolo said, he was too pampered by his parents in the early ages to even realize his talent. Piccolo decided to start training him by leaving him in an island for six months to learn independence before teaching him anything at all. After one year of training, Gohan became a much more independent and strong in character.

Even though Gohan became more independent, he still lacked the kind of confidence that his father had, which was evident when he fled from where he was supposed to attack Nappa in his first battle against the Saiyajins. His lack of confidence persisted even after he became the most powerful warrior (Super Gohan) in the epic battle against Cell. During the "Kame Hame Ha" final confrontation between the two of them, Gohan was about to give up the battle. During that time, his father had more confidence in him then he did himself as Goku motivated Gohan to unleash his full potential to completely destroy Cell.

Because his mother had always wanted him to be a scholar, Gohan has a dilemma between fighting and studying, even though he is equally assiduous in both. Because of the constant invasion of "evil," Gohan focused on fighting. However, he finally got the opportunity to become a scholar after Buu was defeated and realized his mother's wishes.




    Even though he is evil at heart, Vegeta is perhaps one of the most strong-willed characters in the series. Like Son Goku, he is extremely industrious, constantly striving to be better, but different purposes drove Vegeta's spirit. Goku fought to defend the lives and others and to challenge his limitations while Vegeta fought to satiate his bloodthirsty appetite and die hard pride, which is unwilling to accept defeat. This gradually changes throughout the series.

The primary driver of his will is Son Goku. Vegeta's defeat in his first encounter with Goku and his unwillingness to accept Goku being more powerful had constantly fuelled his strong will to continue to train himself. After seeing Goku turn into Super Saiyajin and defeating Freeza, he grew even more jealous of Goku’s achievements and immersed himself in intensive training. After much sweat and frustration, he finally became Super Saiyajin. He only enjoyed a fleeting moment of pride in destroying #20, before being defeated by #18.

Vegeta’s first catharsis occurred during Son Gohan’s battle with Cell. Because of his rash decision to attack Cell when he did not have the power to, had caused Gohan’s arm to be seriously injured when Gohan saved his life. Not only was he not even close to Cell’s ability, but also served as a hindrance to Gohan. That was the first time Vegeta accepted his incapabilities by making an apology to Gohan.

By the time Majin Buu appeared, what used to be a cold-hearted Vegeta changed. Right before he proceeded to sacrifice his life in an attempt to destroy Buu, he told Trunks that he cared about him and how he felt bad about giving Trunks much less attention then Trunks deserved.

During Son Goku's final battle with Majin Buu, Vegeta goes through a complete catharsis. He realized that Goku's pure and kind heart gave Goku the power that Vegeta never had. He finally realizes that the good ultimately prevails.




    He hits the scene at age 17 by traveling back in time. He does so with a bang by destroying both Freeza and his father. But he came with a grim tale of the future, a future where all the Dragon Ball Warriors were killed except for himself and in a future dominated by two powerful cyborgs #17 and #18.

Trunks traveled back in time hoping to change the future by changing the fate of Son Goku. In his future, Son Goku died of a rare heart disease. He believed that Goku was pivitol to the events of the future, so he brought the medicine necessar to save his life. Even though his future could not be changed, he hoped that the "present" will not turn out like his future.

In the end, he got more than what he had bargined for. Not only was he able to completely change the events, but he also, under the guidance of Goku and Vegeta, he became more poweful than he could imagine, enabling him to put right, his future.

Chibi Trunks:

Like Goten, he was able to achieve Super Saiyajin at a very young age. Due to the lack of available warriors, he performed a fusion with Goten into Gotenks to battle Majin Buu.




    He is perhaps one of Son Goku's longest and best friends in the entire series. They have been through the thick and thin from Kamesennin's rigorous training to the Budokai.

    His significance has also faded as the story moved deeper into the Z series in a Super Saiyajin dominated world.

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