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Siberian Center for Vedic Culture presents
tasty vegetarian recipes from Food For Peace by Rambhoru Devi Dasi.


Food For Peace

super simple vegetarian cooking for everyone

By Rambhoru devi dasi

This cookbook is a collection of well-seasoned recipes meant for those who have neither the time nor the nerve to involve themselves in complicated  cooking affairs. It is written for most of us who prefer to get first class vegetarian cooking on the table with the least botheration and a minimum use of exotic and often hard to acquire spices.

Rambhoru devi dasi, a vegetarian cook for 27 years, is presenting a vast variety of super simple recipes which can be prepared with the least effort by everyone. Her priceless collection of vegetarian recipes are not only tasty but straightforward and made with easily available ingredients.
You will experience first-class cooking!

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