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Hello!! My name is Alice Ma and I'm 18 years old. My favorite anime characters are Rei Ayanami(Neon Genesis Evangelion), Sailorchibichibimoon(Sailormoon), Akane Tendo and P-chan(Ranma 1/2), Totoro(My Neighbour Totoro), Pochacco and Hello Kitty(Sanrio)! This is my very first homepage and I'm trying to do my best with a lot of help from my friends, Carmen and Jeannette. By the way, don't forget to SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!! Arigato!!

These two anime pics were scanned by my best friend Doris Tam!!

click here to go to NEON GENESIS EVANGELION.

click here to go to RANMA 1/2.

click here to go to SAILORMOON.

Click here to go to Tenchi Muyo!

click here to go to MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO.

To go to my Romeo and Juliet(1996 version) and Titanic webpage, click here:My Romeo & Juliet and Titanic webpage

To go to Carmen's Sailormoon homepage, click here: Carmen's Sailormoon Shrine

To go to Jeannette's homepage, click here:Usagi-san's Bedroom

To go to Doris's homepage, click here:Doris's Homepage

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