SwEeT gLoRiA's


Da FiLe On MeEh

MaH FeLlOw CuBbIeS


IsH sHuM FuNnIe StUfF

WaNnA rEaD aN e-mAiL??

CoOliO SiTeS

MaH PrEtTy PiX

QUOTE of the MONTH :

"Our life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark." - Ancient Chinese Proverb

Oh yea I just wanted to say that the stuff here will be updated every month, or at least I'll try to every month, that way it'll be kinda better cuz not everyone would check it out at every week. Thanx !

This site was last updated on December 18,1999, Saturday.
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