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Konichiwa anime otaku and casual fans alike Welcome to the Sailor Netlink Anime Club

I know most of you who are seeing this page are wondering...
Oh Great another anime club... So what makes this one different from the hundreds of others that are on the net today?

The answer to that question is simple
We are the first anime club specificly designated for people Who use an alternate internet access tool (meaning something other that a computer) To do their web surfing
To be more specific A Sega Saturn Netlink

This club is a first of its kind

This Club was originally created for exclusively. Hence it's catchy title
However in order to increase membership we decided to expand the anime series' we accepted into the club
The First new anime we accepted was And our membership nearly doubled because of this move
But hey we're greedy so we want as many members as we can possibly get.
So we contiued to expand into amd But we didn't stop there
We eventually decided to accept any and all anime series into the club in order to attract members.
and even recently allowing role playing games that had an anime tie in into the club

The Sailor Netlink Anime Club is cuurently divided up into 3 main chapters.
if you would like to explore, or maybe even join one of these chapters please follow the links below.
the sailor moon chapter the dbz chapter
the otaku chapter

e-mail:Sailor Netlink
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