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Velvet Underwear
kethyar got her NeoPet at

Yoji Kudou. The most perfect man in anime. And Underwear. It seems to fit (if the Underwear fits, wear it? ^_-). Yoji and designer Underwear and Clothes just seem to go hand in hand (or is that... ? *snickers*).
Some may wonder how the title came about. After watching the Weiss TV Series a trillion hundred times, I became addicted to Yoji. And the opening song Velvet Underworld. And then it clicked after watching the third episode again. (i.e. Maki: Why is you name on your Underwear like a little kid?) Yoji: Underwear, Underworld: Velvet. Did that make sense? (Damn standardized tests >_<) Yoji seems to be the kind of stylish guy who is picky down to his Underwear, and velvet underwear sounded nice, taking it and making a play on the opening song. Get it now? Yeaaahhh... Clever, ne? ^_-

Velveteer Fanfiction Contest is now OPEN! Please use the link below to get to the Contest main page.

Last update - 01-22-02
WARNING! For the next week or two, MOST or ALL of the pictures on this site will be DOWN. Do not email me about it! I know about it! I'm trying a different service so that I can conserve space so that the site will not crash as often! I will try to minimize the main page, but for the art galleries, thumbnails are *out of the question*. People with slow load times will have to deal with it. I am WAY too busy to even think about that. Besides, it means more work, and more storage space (each picture would have to be saved twice ><), and that's time I don't have. I barely have time to relocate all the pictures as it is. I have an exam tomorrow, so now I must study.

Hm... It's been awhile. Its been a very very busy while, though. I have about zip time lately to do anything. And yes, I know the site has been down a lot. While that's half my fault, its half yours too - too many people accessing the site at the same time overloads the data transfer, so they shut the site down.
Anyway, got some news. My exams are in one of the first weeks of December, and then after that... nothing till the next quarter starts up in January. And I'll be getting a new webpage tool to revamp my site on. So... hold off till December, I ask! Then, there will be a new layout, the fic contest will be updated (promise!!). The site might even move, cus I'm getting slightly tired of Geocities. Whether we're moving to our own site (*looks in wallet* okane, doko desu ka?), or to another free server, we have yet to see. But wait till December, and you'll start seeing some changes. Once I get the site revamped and stable once more, don't expect any more, if any, updates... I'm so out of the WK loop, even though I know they're making another TV series and the first was just released here. I'm tired of WK, and yes, I'll say it... I'm a bit tired of Yoji. But the site will be here! I want this site to stay up as long as possible, to help further the future WK generations on the first season Yoji, if nothing else.
Anyway, I now order all of you reading this to go out and download yourself some Pizzicato Five and Daft Punk, and then email this guy I really like and tell him so do something with me this weekend... or at least get me a good otanjobi present *pouts*

Argh! People!! Be careful with my baby!! So far I've gotten three emails from Geocities telling me that there is a high percentage of people using the site at the same time (lots of data transfer)! And therefore, they shut down my page for a little while - I'm sure some of you have noticed! Now, there are several solutions to this: I can somehow try to minimize the information on the page (but I really have very little time to do such a thing), or I can move the page to another server, or the possibility of my own domain. I don't mind doing the domain thing. BUT! I need a place that offers a cheap per monthly rate (not to succeed 20$ please!). I'm a poor student, but I would be able to afford my own domain for a little while. If you know of any place where I can buy a domain name and space for cheap, please let me know by emailing me!

I hate moving. It will take me forever to unpack >< And my mail isn't working. I can receive mail, it appears. But I can't send mail. If you emailed me awhile ago, your mail is being stored in another account of mine. If I can ever figure out my many email addresses and these sucky mail programs, I might be able to get back to some of you! I would just advise re-emailing me if it was important. My mail will be forever disrupted. I don't see myself recovering from this move for a very long time, so please be patient while I get my new computer organized. Then I can start thinking about reorganizing and redoing the page. But it might not be for many months! *sigh* I hate moving

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