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Make your own okonomyaki! Recipe from Lum-chan! (She's does a lot to help, doesn't she?)

Recipe for two (2 pancakes):

Okonomi-yaki means "as you like it", and an okonomi-yaki is a pancake filled with whatever you choose. Provided you have eggs and flour, the dish can be completed with almost any other ingredient you have on hand.

1.. Break 2 eggs and mix in a bowl with 2/3 cup of soup stock or water. Sprinkle in 1 cup of weak flour (my note: probably means regular flour or something that doesn't thicken as much as cornstarch) and beat until lumps disappear.

2.. Cut 1/6 of a cabbage into fine strips, thinly slice 60 gm of pork, and dice 1/2 an onion. Red pickled ginger, sliced squid, and other ingredients may also be used.

3.. Add the contents of (2) to (1), stir with chopsticks, and then pour mixture slowly out onto an oiled griddle or hot plate. When underside is brown, flip pancake and cook until done.

4.. Divide into slices with spatula and season with Worcestershire sauce, nori (dried seaweed) flakes, bonito flakes, or your favorite spices.

5.. EAT it!

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