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Michele Balbuena is a pianist and singer from Philippines.
She works in club and hotel around east asia. This page is her footmark of recent years
Hope you know what she think and be delighted with.

Preliminary edition
Since July 22 1998
moved here Aug 9 1998
This page is frequently revised. You can follow links to my detailed scripts.
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last updated Dec 26, 1998
Music is my life, everything of me
Ohayo! welcome to my world! My little piece of creativity which I would like to share with
If you would like some background music whilst browsing, try this midi that one of my most favorate song from
Sarah Vaughn.
I've also included a Real Audio file of my voice, my little message to you. I hope you don't laugh!
Any tips or suggestions are most welcome. I'm sure you can think up something to email me
anyway. I love emails!
On a more important note: please respect me by using the contents of this web site for
your personal viewing pleasure only. i wouldn't want my photos plastered all over the
internet without my knowledge. thank you.
i hope you enjoy my pages :)
welcome2.jpg Where do I appear?
I work in any place where I play music and peole appreciate my music. Well, I've worked in east asia. But anywhere in the world where you want to listen to my music I'll visit there and play music for you.
How old am I?
I think age is an over-rated statistic. it's simply a measure of how long one has lived. since life is made up of experiences, perhaps it would be more interesting if i described my experiences instead? *wink*
My private time?
When I worked in my home country, I could see friends and family and spend a time togather, But in recent years I'm always abroad and live in hotel. So in free time, I go out for dancing or play a guitar, if I could.

goals in life
my ultimate goal is to be happy and live to the fullest. to set myself reasonable tasks and completing them with dedication and commitment. to spread goodwill and understanding amongst people of all nations.


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working experience

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dangerous! pentium2 with high memory only


my family

my favorite singers


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Now, this page is under construction. In a few days I could show you more sophisticated
and fun message to you.
Please come back and visit me