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Welcome interlopers to my homepage, The Neverhood.  I am your host, the Blkcloak <loud crash of thunder heard overhead>  This is more or less a links page, since all my original material is in the form of my other two sites, dedicated to Toonami and Sailor Moon.  You must realize by now that change is always too far and inbetween here, hence the pages' title, The Neverhood.

'It's the worst possible time... of the year' to quote a favorite Christmas carol of mine.  Well, actually not really a Christmas carol, but a nice alteration of it. Awful time of the year, I wish it would just go away.  All those people, all the traffic.  I'll take a page from my idol... Mr. Scrooge.  Bah humbug.

Links to other sites on the web that don't suck. Well...that's a judgment call, of course.
To Toonami: The Unofficial
The Absolution is going full speed ahead.  The Revolution is being televised!  With a new host and new stuff on the way, being in Dragonball Z and possible Ronin Warriors, it's still turning out to be a very good year for the two hours of power. Toonami: The UnofficialUsually updated
Sailor Moon...Guradian Universe
Anyone who has seen anime knows that it's not your typical North American animation.  And Sailor Moon proves that point, though it got slaughtered in the translation process.  My favorite show on the Toonami block, this is my little plod on the internet dedicated to the series based on love and justice.  At least I'm trying to make a fanfic.   Guardian Universe  sometimes updated
COMING SOON SECTION - The world is full of opinions, why can't I have some of my own.  My thoughts on love, life, and well, just your general stuff. 
Tokyo Pop
(Still haven't gotten that TokyoPop logo yet, so stick with this.)  Mixx has made it's change, in title that is.  Now there is even more stuff to look at in Tokyo Pop. Anime reviews, game previews, interviews, music, websites, and, hey, they even put some manga in it.  Go figure.
Opened in the Pop 3-1
Magic Knight Rayearth, Gundam Blue Destiny, PARAsyte
Trixie Turnpike
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, and on, and on, and on... stuck in a rut there, sorry.  That's what's on the Anime Web Turnpike.  Links to some of the hottest series out there now, all you have to do is choose what you want to see.  Trixie, ya' need a lift? Anime Web Turnpike
National Hockey League
Congratulations are in order.  The Dallas Stars have done something very special in the NHL.  They are now one of 5 teams that proved they were the best team in the league.  During the course of the season, they won their Division title, Conference title, and NHL points title.  They they finished it up by winning their conference in the playoffs and then the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup.  My Flyers are one of those now 5 teams, the New York Rangers in 94 being the last top team of this sort.  So enjoy the cup, Dallas, it's something special. 1999 Stanley Cup Playoffs (a page prepared by... me) or go to the National Hockey Leagues own official home page.
Philadelphia Flyres Online
After a bit of a slow start, things have picked up for the boys of orange and black.  They are at the top of the Eastern Conference, running on all cylinders.  Keep it up guys. Philadelphia Flyers.com
AHL Iceage
The Phantoms saw their season end at the hands of the Rochester Americans.  It was a long, tough battle, but even the mighty Phantoms couldn't battle their way back.  In the meantime, the AHL crowned it's new champions the other day in the Providence Bruins, winning the Calder Cup championship four games to one.  Here's to another great season. 1999 Calder Cup Playoffs (again, a page made by ME) or go to the AHL's official website.
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