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   Welcome... to my page!  Hi, my name is Nancy.  Isn't this m & m's RED cute!  I just want to say a Big Red hello and thank you to my dearest friends and family for their support: Cool Blue, Crispy Orange, Whiteapple, Wingster, Bearbear, Sam, Buggy Brown, Speedy Green, Nutty Yellow, Philadelphia G. Chicky, A. L., Momo and finally that Hot & Spicy.
    This site will be a collection of artworks done by my friends, family, and of course "
Big Red" me.   It will also include a small collections  of  hand-made crafts and  poems & stories that I and others have written.  Hope you enjoy your stay at Piggy B.   Come back soon and visit me sometimes!
I like to thank www.m-ms.com/studios/candy/glossies/index.html for the above free souvenir of the 8x10 picture autographed by Red m&m.
Welcome To Piggy B. Hope you enjoy your stay! Come back anytime!