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Welcome, my friends I don't actually know, to my web page DEMON FYRE'S ANIME CRITIQUE PAGE! I'd say that I hope you enjoy your stay, but I'm just happy you made it here! ;^)

Here on my critique page, I'll review Anime movies from a critic's point of view. I'll add new reviews as I see the movies. I also plan on putting up FAQ's.

Enjoy my page, and mail me to tell me you liked my page or if you must, tell me it sucks..heh.

--Demon Fyre

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Anime Movies/OAVs/Series Reviews:

3x3 Eyes


Bubblegum Crash

Bubblegum Crisis

Fist of the North Star

Ghost in the Shell

Gun Buster


Macross Plus

Ninja Scroll


Ranma 1/2

Record of the Lodoss War

Riding Bean


Street Fighter II

Vampire Hunter D

Mini Image Galleries

Ninja Scroll


Japanese Animation Links

Bubblegum Crisis Page

Ranma 1/2 Universe

Anime Turnpike Link Page

Lina Inverse's Slayers Page ...GREAT anime-manga files!

Anime & Manga Resource List

My Favorite Search Engines



Web Crawler


E-mail me if you want more info on a reviewed anime! -^_^-

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