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13 years ago, and as each 200 years, goddess Athena was reborned as a human being. At the Sanctuary (Greece), the Pope (saints leader) has attempted to kill baby Athena. Gold Saint Aioros of Sagittarius saved her and escaped from the Sanctuary carrying Sagittarius´ cloth. Having been injured in his escaping, he gives his cloth and baby Athena to Mitsumasa Kido, a japanese businessman. He took care of Athena, renamed as Saori Kido (Matsumasa´s grandaughter) and trained a group of orphans selected around the world in different countries for six years. Now, some of these, have survived and obtained their bronze clothes: Pegasus, Phoenix, Dragon, Cygnus (Swan), Andromeda, Unicorn, Lionet, Bear, Wolf and Hydra. They must compete in the Galaxian Wars and win. The prize: the right to wear the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius.


I really don´t know why it´s called Saint Seiya, when it should be named Saint Ikki. In fact, the best battle was Shaka - Ikki, the fastest defeat was Phoenix´s against Wolf Nachi (what was it? ...10 seconds?), because of not being the star he had to lose against Seiya (and Hyoga´s Diamond Dust, and Shiryu´s Dragon Shield, and Shun´s Andromeda´s Chain, and Sagittarius Cloth), he defeated Aphrodite, Leunades, Kanon, Mime and many others. He is the most powerful even when he´s the one with the least number of attacks.

Gemini Saga is undoubtfully the most powerful Gold Saint. He defeated the five cosmos combined of the bronze saints and was only defeated by Goddess Athena!

Although Sigfried is the most powerful of the God Warriors, Benetnasch Eta Mime hold a great battle with Phoenix Ikki although he was finally defeated. The simplicity of his attacks and the music during his fights are great.

Sea Dragon Kanon. Smart enough to begin a whole chapter in the anime: Poseidon, powerful enough to rivalize Phoenix Ikki. He would have a main rol in the Hades´s Chapter.


I don´t know if it´s known by those who, like me, just know Saint Seiya by the TV series and the movies, that the Poseidon chapter was not the last one.

I´ve seen several times the whole anime before I heard about a following chapter: Hades resurrection. In fact, as far as I know the TV series ends at episode 114 with the defeat of Poseidon. But the story continues for about 15 more mangas.

If you haven´t heard about this or you have, but haven´t even read it, here it is: a summary written by Carene Veanc & Jean-Luc Leger. Download it now. It worths each byte you wait for. In this chapter many mysteries are solved and the most unexpected events take place (at last Mu and Shiryu´s master Dohko exhibit there powers). Definitely, a must-have for every Saint Seiya´s fan.

Get The Hades Summary, NOW! (88 KB)


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