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Hi and welcome to my page.

as you can see I"m a big Sailor Moon fan, the reason is for the comedy not the action.

I also like Maison Ikkoku, thats what this pic is from. Its a very good romantic comedy, I recomend if you can find a copy of the manga pic it up and give it a read.

This comic Co. rules

Even though I've only seen one ep of Ranma, I'm now hooked. You will be too if you watch it.

I'm also a fan of the Dragon Ball Series

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A new manga coming from Flack Studios.

Follow my younger self to the clubs and other things I'm a part of

Follow me and Michi-chan to the fanfic area "This is the last time I lose a bet to you"

what the little pic is.

The Pokemon Pet Shop! If your a fan of Pokemon and really want to check out all of the Pokemon without waiting on seeing them appear in the show go here.

You are anime/manga fan #to visit my page

This is Geodude, new mascot of my page.
Me and Geodude after he bapped me in the head

I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

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