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Welcome to Grinding Tofu- a page that was created by five UCLA students who were simply looking for a creative way to present their project for a Chinese American History class. We didn't want to do a paper so we came up with this site... go figure! Okay, first question, "What the hell is Grinding Tofu?" Grinding Tofu is the literal translation of the Chinese word for lesbian. Rumor had it that these resourceful women would get a block of tofu, place it in silk handkerchiefs, and fashion dildos out of them. Now ain't that a pretty picture?

For us, Grinding Tofu is a page that explores the existence and complexity of the queer Chinese American community. Our main purpose in doing this project was to document and acknowledge the existence of queer Chinese Americans. Yes, believe it or not, they do exist. For centuries, our culture has tried to marginalize and deny the presence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals... it is time to resurface and embrace their stories. Through this page we wanted to share the coming out experiences of various queer Chinese Americans. As the stories will show, not all queers undergo the same experience. Each story is a personal insight to the lives of these individuals.

So now that you know why we're here, come explore the site. Share in our mission to retell the Chinese American experience from the queer perspective.

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