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  • Selena Yuk's Yu Yu Hakusho Site
    - A complete Yu Yu Hakusho website maintained by the greatest YYH fan, Selena. It is the first Yu Yu Hakusho website that has complete information and YYH goodies in the net therefore I have much respect for the webmistress. She has done a remarkable job on her site and she still continues to satisfy the fans' needs. I personally salute her. In this site you can also find data about the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi,more images, calendars, and much, much more.
  • Rei Kai Tantei.net
    - A cool YYH web site maintained by Botan-chan. It has plenty of interesting facts, descriptions, humor, and other eye-candy for the readers. This site also includes fanarts, wallpapers, a cool message board, and more. Thumbs up for this site because of its overwhemling and eccentric content.
  • Legend of Yu Yu Hakusho ver. 2000 ( formerly known as the Infinite Yu Yu Hakusho Cavern )
    - A simple yet a good resource page where you can find information about the characters, summary, battles, techniques, etc. There are also fan stuffs such as fanarts, articles, gallery, and more.
  • Realm of Yu Yu Hakusho
    - Yet another good source of Yu Yu Hakusho maintained by M$M Interactive. The site includes summaries, multimedia, and more. This is also where I got some images from certain episodes. However, I really insist that they should fix the broken links though.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho ( Ghostfighter )
    A simple site about Yu Yu Hakusho in the Philippines packed with galleries, profiles, wallpapers, skins, and more.

    -- SEIYUU --

  • Hitoshi Doi's Individual Seiyuu Page
    - An excellent resource page for Yu Yu Hakusho / anime seiyuu .


  • Yu Yu Hakusho RPG
    - A cool YYH message board moderated by Hiei. It's got a nice layout and the topics are quite fun to participate in. Check this out, guys.


  • :: Poltergeist Report's Knockdown ::
    - Another cool Portuguese/ English YYH site. :) It contains images, character descriptions, story, and more.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Explosion!
    - This site is maintained by Mylene and it is available in Portuguese or in English. Unfortunately, this site is no longer updated but it's still up and running. It is a cool Yu Yu Hakusho webpage complete with information, gallery, fandom, winamp skins, and more.
  • Makai no Bara
    - An Italian website that has overwhelming information about Yu Yu Hakusho. Too bad it's not written in English. This is where I got the Yu Yu Hakusho track list.

  • Heaven&Shadow
    - A French website maintained by athanea. This site mostly has everything a YYH fan would want - gen. info about YYH ( anime / manga ), images, skins, forums, chat, and many more! I personally recommend this site regardless of the french language used. =)

    -- MULTIMEDIA --

  • Yu Yu Hakusho Music Central
    - basically contains almost all song lyrics/translations of YYH singles.
  • AudioGalaxy
    - The coolest mp3 site ever made. You can also find LOTS of Yu Yu Hakusho mp3s here. Just type 'Yu Yu Hakusho' in the search bar. It's definitely a must-see for mp3 lovers.


  • Appleby-chan's Yu Yu Hakusho Page
    - One of the finest sources of Yu Yu Hakusho images.
  • Becky's Little Yu Yu Hakusho Archive
    - A great source of Yu Yu Hakusho screen captures.
  • Freday's Yu Yu Hakusho Image Gallery
    - One of the earliest Yu Yu Hakusho Image Gallery sites I've found. I think this site had already existed even before Psycho Shonen's YYH site. Anyways, you can find very nice YYH images here that are in good quality.


  • Yu Yu Hakusho DJ's in English
    - An excellent site where you can find translations of Yu Yu Hakusho manga and selected stories from YYH doujinshi. The people involved in this site did a terrific work on scanning and retouching the mangas for the readers' viewing or should I say reading pleasure. Two thumbs up for this one.
  • Rei's Yu Yu Hakusho Summaries
    - From the title itself, it contains GOOD YYH summaries by Rei-chan that might help you find the answers that you are probably looking for. This site is also one of the earliest sites around.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Character Descriptions
    - The most complete Yu Yu Hakusho character description site that I've seen.

    -- FAN FICTION --

  • Temple in the Sky
    - A good source of Yu Yu Hakusho / anime fan fics maintained by Siew Lee. This site is definitely a haven for all fanfic addicts. Two thumbs up for this one.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Headquarters
    - Yet another cool source of fan fics annd doujinshi.
  • In a Nutshell
    - maintained by Allisana. This is another great source of Yu Yu Hakusho fan fictions mainly about Koenma and Botan. I also have to credit Allisana for being a great fan fic writer. She also donated one of her works to my fanfic section so this is how I repay her. =)


    Y U S U K E

  • The Yusuke Pavillion
    - A newly renovated Yusuke shrine maintained by Yu-chan. I really love the kawaii graphics and layout of this one. Great work, Yu-chan! =) You can find cool images, information, some cool multimedia stuff, and more. dedicated to Yusuke. To all Yusuke fans, this site is a must.
  • The Gallant Yusuke Shrine
    - Newly improved Yusuke Shrine maintained by Iya-chan. She's done a great job renovating the site. It includes complete info & analysis about Yusuke, gallery, desktop galores, and more! A worthy site you shouldn't miss.
  • Yusuke's Noodle House
    - A simple yet cool Yusuke shrine maintained by Hana-chan. I really had fun visiting this site because Hana-chan made sure that the readers are as comfortable ( and safe =p ) as possible. Anyways, the site contains a profile about Yusuke, gallery, fanarts, fanfics, and more.
  • Only Yusuke
    - A simple site with basic info about Yusuke. It also has plenty of images for your satisfaction. This site is maintained by Jenocean.

    H I E I

  • Jagan
    - One of the first and best Hiei shrines in the net. I have much respect for this site because of its overwhelming content and eye-catching layout. It was picked as 'Site of the Week' by Anipike which is a great honor for anime webmasters. I'm really thankful that it's still up and running so you, guys, can still see it. It contains plenty of data about Hiei, images, and more. I definitely recommend it for all Hiei or non-Hiei fans.

    K U R A M A

  • Youkokurama.com
    - A fine site dedicated to Youko Kurama. I admire the webmaster's creativity for making this site. In here, you can find video clips, mp3s. arworks, and fanfics, and more!
  • Kurama's Territory
    - A cool page dedicated to Kurama maintained by GF-NI-KURAMA. I just love the improved design and layout of this site. It's really cool. It's got plenty of good stuff such as images, Kurama's profile, fanfics, fanarts, downloads, cool e-cards, and more. Two thumbs up for this site.
  • Kurama's Corner
    - Another cool page dedicated to Kurama maintained by Shu-chan. You can find some images, fan arts, fan fics, and more. You may also find some interesting facts about Kurama. Check this one out.

    R A I Z E N

  • A Tribute to Raizen
    - A simple yet a very informative site about the infamous Raizen. I, myself, is a fan of Raizen so I've visited this website plenty of times. Anyways, this site includes manga images of Raizen, a fans club, fanarts, and more.

    M I S C E L L A N E O U S   S H R I N E S

  • Tears of Sadness
    - The one and only site ( I think ) that's dedicated to Toguro and Genkai maintained by Yukina Hokoru. It's got profiles, images, fanfics, and other stuff you might find interesting.
  • Shall we Dance? A Koenma and Botan Shrine!
    - A really nice and kawaii page dedicated to Koenma and Botan. In here, they got wallpapers, fanfics, cool images, skins, and even ringtones! You'll find more stuff in here so you better check this one out. This site is maintained by Misty and Karina.
  • Yusuke and Keiko's Love Story
    - I love the new layout of this one. This site is dedicated to Yusuke and Keiko maintained by Manille and Sharline. This site includes overwhelming content such as fandom, desktop goodies, songs in .ram format, e-cards, and more! It's definitely a great site to visit. Congratulations, guys, for a job well done!


  • Silvertales
    - A cool webpage maintained by Kitsune. It's got excellent graphic designs, fanarts, and more.
  • Anime Analyze
    -An anime site ( w/c includes a YYH section ) maintained by Vincent and Rukie who points out their opinions on selected anime titles. It includes images, fanfics, character descriptions, and plenty of very interesting facts/details that you might find interesting and useful. My favorite section is actually the 'best fights' section under YYH. It's really a cool site.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Site
    -A nice website about YYH especially made for fans. It's got mp3s, image gallery, lyrics, profiles, etc. Some sections of the site are still under construction so pardon the inconveniece. This site is maintained by Mikage.


  • Free Yu Yu Hakusho E Mail
    - Free email for all YYH / anime fans ( e.g. yourname@yyhmail.com )
  • Animenation Forum
    - A good stop for anime lovers where you can post your opinions about certain anime topics. It's a good message board where you can interact with alot of people.
  • ZEAL : A Gundam Wing Site
    - This is my other anime webpage dedicated to Gundam Wing. It's not as big as this page but I do hope you find it nice.
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    - My other anime webpage dedicated to thhe classic, Nausicaa. This page is simple and it includes synopsis and reviews about the U.S. version of Nausicaa known as "Warriors of the Wind".
  • Rythmic Arts
    - My simple site that contains miscellaneous stuff. It's still new so nothing much can be seen. But for Linkin Park fans out there, I have some wallpapers for you. You can check it out.
  • Anime Web Turnpike
    - The anime resource site that needs no more introductions! This is a resource site where you can find almost all anime titles of all genres.
  • The Flipcritic
    - A simple site composed of flipcritic's views about certain selections of different movie titles. This site is maintained by one of the best freelance film reviewers around - Mike Mirasol ( flipcritic ). I personally enjoyed reading his reviews so if you're a movie lover ( or not ), I suggest you check this one out.
  • Myst Project
    - A site for the Info-science block of 4th year students from Assumption college. Of course, I'm one of them. Nothing much to see here but if you have some extra time to spare, then there's no harm taking a peek on this site. :)

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