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Welcome to The Cadian Gate, the only anime review site (probably) with live-recorded reviews of anime.

As we don't speak japanese (yet), almost everything we review has been either subtitled or dubbed. We prefer subtitles, but sometimes there is little or no choice in the matter, and we are forced to watch dubs.
You'd like to know more about the reviewers? Here is a little bit about us.
OK, you asked for it, here it is My anime collection


No new reviews have been in for ages...BUT...seriously, expect some in the next few months.
Ah! My Goddess
Bubblegum Crisis
Gunsmith Cats
Fushigi Yuugi
Neon Genesis Evangelion
One Pound Gospel
Record of Lodoss War
Tenchi Muyo
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This page was last updated 5-12-01. It has been a LONG time since I updated this page. I've decided to work on it a again though, and maybe add frames, if I can figure out how to do that. I'm in college now, so I'm busy, but I'll try to do what I can.
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