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5Nov07-Click to go to Minh_TOM's Vietnam Home Page I will return to VN in a couple of weeks in Mid-Nov07 to see the Whitehouse East; however, it might be under water as the latest news I read here in the U.S. is that there is flooding in the Mekong Delta (NGAP LUT TAI SAI GON VA CAC TINH DONG BANG SONG CUU LONG)

During a trip to Vietnam in 1998 (VN Trip#4) we drove to GoCong in the Mekong Delta which is 65km (40 miles) southwest of HoChiMinhCity(HCM)/Saigon and arranged with ACD Ltd, a Vietnamese contractor, to build a 2100 square feet (four bedrooms, three baths) concrete and brick home. Construction began on April 19, 1998 and it was finished three months later, as scheduled, in July. Now that Minh_TÔM is retired he travels to Vietnam each year for the winter and during the dry season in Vietnam, Nov-April

The Whitehouse East does not have the History of the White House which is President George Bush's and former President Bill Clinton's home in Washington, DC. However, it has some of the same features; it's white, has columns, a Rose Garden, and rooms called the Oval Office, Lincoln Bedroom, East Room, Reception Room, Blue Room, and Green Room.

The Whitehouse East rooms are not fully furnished because Ly Premo, the First Lady, has yet to decide on which style of furniture to use in each room. Most of the pictures in the Whitehouse East TOUR are of rooms in the Washington, DC White House. Clinton was contacted by EMail to advise him that the design of his house had been copied; see the full text of his eMail reply. Guests at the Whitehouse East are sometimes shown a PICTURE of the White House in Washington, DC and are told that this is TOM Premo's home in the USA. This is NOT entirely false, since ALL American citizens own federal buildings as we have have a government Of The People, By The People, and For The People. However, when Minh_TÔM attempted to purchase the White House for himself, he was advised that it had been SOLD!

During the Nov2000-Apr2001 Vietnam trip we purchased Minh_TÔM's TÔM Farm which is a Shrimp Farm operated by Ly's brother, Anh Hai(2) and his family. The operation has been expanded to include a Coffee Shop/General Store for neighbors in the area. It is located on the SÔNG VAM CÔ, a river from the South China Sea to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and will become a vacation resort for the Whitehouse East.

This is what my good friend, Minh Chau, said after a recent tour (August 2001) of the Whitehouse East and West Wing/Pool, "Yesterday morning, I came to your house at Longhoa Village, the road it passes by your house had been covering the tar, looking better and beautiful than before. And the stagnant pond at the back of your house already filled up. Now, I see – it is very large, and everybody wait you will come back to plant more flowers for a good decoration of your house on October."

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