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Tomcat's Mopar Picture Page

This is a small collection of pics I have picked up browsing the net

Express #4 My LRED again
Rudy's Express Here's a 1990 V-6 four wheel owned by
Rudy's Express Another view of Rudy's truck. He's taken the time to have the decals hand painted on to ensure they'll look great for a long time
Other Express A much better picture than mine Notice the stacks pointing outward this helps to keep carbon from building up on the box
Older Express This is another Lil' Red Express Dakota, though with the old front end, & not with the LE package. Again the stacks are pointed outward
One of the original runs
Pettybird Richard Petty's 1970 Superbird (Superbirds are the only cars ever banned from NASCAR, because "they went too fast")
Supbird Another nice 1970 Superbird
The tail wing tilts 3 degrees and is said to give up to 1000 lbs downforce at high speeds
Whitebird Notice the Roadrunner logo on the headlight cover Even the horn goes "beep-beep"
Bluebird A little grainy, but you can see how long the car was
This bird had 825 original miles on it in this pic (1997)
They had a plaque made up for a magazine spread
Prowler The Plymouth roadster the 1997 Prowler (only avail in purple)
1999 Prowler A small pic of the 1999 Prowler Picture taken from

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More pictures are on the way.

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