The Tone Node

The Tone Node Forumm

5/25/00 Alterations and updates.
    I moved the music access to the Downloads section.  I have also worked on the Tone 
   description section.  Hopefully I will some how figure out how to extract sounds directly from 
   the Tone ".cob" files.  This would allow me to start construction on Tone Enhanced version 
   (shhh...don't tell anyone).  Basically I would transplant Tone into a more "applicable" gaming 
    engine.  I wish we could make Tone3D....??  Oh well...more information about that later.   
    Doh.... one more thing.  I worked on the Tone II section so check that out too!!

5/24/00 More cool stuff and stuff comming.
    Today I added some music from Tone.  If I in any way violated a copy write please inform me
    and the offending music will be removed.  Soon the Tone description section will be 
    completed.  From there I plan on working on the Tone II section which should prove to be 
    exciting and fun.

1/27/00 More Construction on Tone description.
   Today I worked some on the Tone section.  I also went public by posting in the tone forum at
   the Logic Factory and I added a direct link from another project of mine.

1/20/00 Added The Tone Node Forum
   Today I added the o-so-groovy Tone Node Forum. Check it out here.

1/3/00 And Even More Construction! 
   Today I continued again.  I belive I am going to announce this sites location as soon as I get the
   Tone and the Multiplayer sections up. 

12/23/99 Additional Construction!
   Today I continued construction. It shouldn't be too long until I go public.

12/18/99 Construction Begins!
   Today I begin construction of the Tone Node site. 

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