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Let me introduce myself, my name is JEANINE GROBBELAAR and I live on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. My love affair with cats began when I was four years old and I got my first cat, a black domestic, Nugget, many rescued Domestics later..... and with the yearning for a Pedigreed cat, my friend Donna presented me with Princess Kataya, (JANAR's KATAYA OF CARA), a Chocolate Burmese, and she in turn gave birth to my first pedigree litter of kittens , a Tonkinese Litter! Experiencing my first Tonkinese, "The Twins", it was essential that I commence a breeding program in S.A.!!! I have imported, from Loral Tonkinese, Australia, a Chocolate Mackerel Tabby female and a Blue Mink male, hopefully producing Chocolate, Blue and Brown's in Minks and Tabbies. These kittens will be out-crossed back to Burmese and Siamese to increase the gene pool in South Africa. My imported Tonks are fourth and fifth generation Pedigreed Tonkinese. Starstrutter Liberty Bleu Madiana is also over 5th generation and apart from our initial matings of the present pedigreed Tonks, our out-crosses to our new UK lineage, Tatian with Siamese and Burmese will produce first generation Tonkinese and we will continue this way until the gene pool has increased Sufficiently to produce a large healthy line of Pedigreed Tonkinese in South Africa.

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