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This is the Genealogy of the Tiburcio Reyes and Antonia Reyna. They both were from Matamoros, Mexico; they married and settled in Brownsville, Texas. It is here they had their children, and raised them.

November 28, 1993. Corpus Christi, TX.

I became interested in genealogy in 1985, after hearing my wife Janet Van Vleet-Reyes
discussing with her nephew Olin Gene Love about their ancestor's heritage and their Partial Indian
GrandMother, Rosa Brown-Van Vleet.

The start is somewhat incomplete, and I leave it to be research by a future
releative, or myself at a later date. 1. Pablo B-------: My great Grandfather, this death cerificate is unreadable, It is written in 1915
with horrible handwriting. 2. His Son Tiburcio B. Reyes was born in Mexico, Pueblo del Ganado.
Later he married Antonia Reyna of Matamoros, Mexico. They started their family in Brownsville, Tx.
The Children later migrated to San Marcos, Victoria, and Corpus Christi. Tiburcio, my grandfather
died in Corpus Christi, TX in 1915, at the age of 77 years, and is
buried in Holy Cross Cemetery. His last residence was 1109 San Rankin St.,
Corpus Christi. 3. Antonia Reyna, my Grandmother, was also born in Mexico, A birth cerificate of her
daughter, stated that both listed their birthplace as Matamoros, tamaulipas, Mexico. 1 Tiburcio and Antonia Reyna-Reyes: Children were all born in Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas, with the exception of Estefana and Severa Reyes who were born in Corpus Christi, Texas. This family made the move to San Marcos, Victoria, and Corpus Christi, Texas, in search of work, farmhands and industry labor, the year approximately 1982 and 1984. My dad, Antonio, was born in Brownsville in 1882, and my aunt Severa was born in Corpus Christi in 1884. The Children are: 1 Jose Reyes b. Mar. 19, 1871 d. 23 May 1926. buried: Holy Cross, Cemetery. in Corpus Christi, Tx. 2. Maria Candelaria Reyes b. Jan. 2, 1873 d. Oct. 15, 1893. 3. Matilde Reyes b. May 14, 1875 d. Nov. 6, 1958. m. Adriana Sanchez, Aug. 30, 1904, San Marcos, Tx. Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, Corpus Christi, TX. 4. Lazaro Reyes b. Dec. 14, 1876 d.(Same Day) Dec. 14, 1976. (brownsville, TX) 5. Feliciana Reyes b. Nov. 20, 1877 d. Mar. 10, 1961. Buried in Austin, TX. 6. Florentino Reyes b. Nov. 21, 1879 d. May 15, 1928. buried Holy Cross Cemetery in Corpus Christi, TX. 7. Antonio Reyes b. Jan. 24, 1882 d. March 7, 1951. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Corpus Christi, TX. 8. Estefana Reyes b. Dec. 26, 1884. d. Sept. 6, 1929. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, in Corpus Christi, TX. She was born in Corpus Christi, TX 9. Severa Reyes b. Nov. 8, 1884. died. (in Research.) She was born in Corpus Christi, TX 10 . Antonia Reyes b. Jan 26, 1890. d. Jan 27, 1890. Buried Corpus Christi, TX. She was born in Corpus Christi, TX The above Family of Tiburcio & Antonia resided in Brownsville, TX in the 1860s, and do appear in the 1970 U.S. Texas Census as living in Brownsville, Cameron County Texas. A blue "Birth & Death" Journal was left for the Reyes Family by Tiburcio & Antonia Reyna-Reyes. Antonio Reyes, Jr. is in possession of this journal as of today's date Aug. 4, 1999. 1-1 Jose Reyes (wife: Santos Ramos, Laredo) b. Mar. 19, 1871. Brownsville, Cameron County, TX. d. May 23. 1926, Corpus Christi, Nueces County, TX. (Ref: In U.S. Census: 1910: Jose's Family living in San Antonio, TX. The Children all born in San Marcos, Hays County, TX. 1-1-1 Eulogia Reyes b. 1894 d. (Research) 1-1-2 Narcissa Reyes b. Oct. 29, 1897 d. 1-1-3 Nicolasa Reyes b. Sept. 10, 1900 d. Feb. 17, 1901. buried: San Marcos, Hays County, TX. 1-1-4 Pabla Reyes b. Nov. 24, 1904 d. 1-1-5 Cisilia Reyes b. Jan. 25, 1902. 1-1-6 Jose Lino Reyes b. Nov. 17, 1895 d. July 9, 1900 **********************Information on Sanchez Family************************************ 3 Sons of the Adriano Sanchez Family married into the Reyes Family. Please return to Main Page Click on Sanchez and see who Luis, Ramon and Teodoro married of the Jose & Santos Reyes daughters. Paubla, Narcissa and Cisilia Reyes. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1-4 Lazaro Reyes, born & Died same day: Dec. 14, 1876. 1-5 The Family of Andres & :Feliciana Reyes-Vasquez. this Family resided in Austin, TX. Here they raised their family. Feliciana d. Mar. 10, 1961. She was a member of Cristo Rey Church. 1-5-1 Victor R. Vasquez. 1-5-2 Domingo R. Vasquez. 1-5-3 Juanita R. Vasquez-Hernandez. 1-5-4 Conception R Vasquez-Quintero. 1-5-5 Maria R. Vasquez-Trevino. 1-5-6 Leonora R. Vasquez-Saldana. (Vuida.) 1-5-7 Paula R. Vasquez. 1-6 The Family of Florentino and Conception Reyes. Florentino was born in Brownsville, TX. In Nov. 21, 1879. d. May 15, 1928 in Corpus Christi, TX He lived in San Antonio TX in 1910, Ref: 1910 U.S. Census. 1-6-1 Roy Reyes b. Jan. 6, 1910. Baptized: Feb. 27, 1910. 1-6-2 Mario or Maria Reyes. ( Document badly faded.) 1-7 The Family of Antonio & Felicitas Nehaff-Reyes. Antonio b. Jan. 24, 1882 in Brownsville, TX. He moved Corpus Christi, at the age of 9. He married Felicitas Nehaff at Sacred Heart Church in Corpus Christi on May 20, 1920. However, they had married earlier through the Civil Court on Oct. 20, 1918, On the Journal, there is an entry that Antonio, Sr. had an earlier marriage to Dolores Zuniga on May 21, 1904. Felicitas Nehaff was the daughter of Joaquina Echavarria and Fred Nehaff.(German). Felicitas was raised by her Grandmother Felicitas Cuellar. She gave her granddaughter in Marriage to Antonio Reyes. Antonio was represented by Uncle Jose Reyes. (Granddad Tiburcio had passed away 3 years earlier in 1915, at the age of 77. Antonio occupation had been Shoe Repairman, fisherman, shrimper & Oysterer, in his final years a gardener & yardman. Antonio passed away on Mar. 8, 1951 and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Corpus Christi, TX. All Children born in Corpus Christi, TX. 1-7-1 Juan Nehaff Reyes, b. Oct. 21, 1919 d. Feb. 16, 1988 in Whittier, CA. Is buried at Rowland Hgts CA. at the Queen of Heaven Cemetery. His wife, Otilia Gomez-Reyes passed away in July 6, 1997. No Children. 1-7-2 Tiburcio Nehaff Reyes. b. Oct. 27, 1921. Never married, died of Tiburculosis in Huntsville, Walker County, TX on July 21, 1941. 1-7-3 Maria Felicitas Nehaff Reyes born & Died same day: May 8,1926. 1-7-4 Virginia Nehaff Reyes. B. May 20, 1924 d. July 25, 1941. This was a controversial death. She was found drown on the shores of South Beach, fully cloth minus her socks and shoes, and her watch had stopped at 12:18 a.m. Suicide was the official cause of death. But some suspected she was murdered. No evidence was found by the investigating agencies. Never married, buried at Holy Cross Cemetery. 1-7-5 Christina Nehaff Reyes b. July 27, 1927, Married Don Tracy, and lived in Gary Indiana. 1-7-6 Joaquin Nehaff Reyes b. Sept. 18, 1929 d. Sept. 21, 1972. 1-7-7 Santos Nehaff Reyes b. Feb. 28, 1932. 1-7-8 Maria del Carmen Nehaff Reyes. 1-7-9 Antonio Nehaff Reyes, Jr. 1-7-10 Francisco (Paco) Reyes 1-7-11 Joe Nehaff Reyes. 1-7-6 The Family of Joaquin & Mary Ester Chapa-Reyes. Mary Ester was born: Mar 7, 1947, Benivides, Duval County, TX. 1-7-6-1 Mary Francis Reyes: b. Feb 7, 1967 in Corpus Christi, TX. m. Robert Jaramillo on June 7, 1985. 1-7-6-1 The Family of Robert & Mary Francis Reyes-Jaramillo. 1-7-6-1-1 Isabel Reyes-Jaramillo. 1-7-6-1-2 Richard Reyes-Jaramillo. 1-7-6-1-3 Jennifer Reyes-Jaramillo. 1-7-7 The Family of Santos & Lydia (Chene) Leal-Reyes. Santos b. Feb 28, 1932. 1-7-7-1 Maria Valia Reyes B. April 21, 1954, Calallen, TX. 1-7-7-2 Maria Dalia Reyes b. Mar. 15, 1956, Calallen, TX. 1-7-7-3 Jose Santos Reyes, jr. b. Oct. 11, 1958, Calallen, TX. 1-7-7-4 Juan Manuel Reyes b. Oct. 27, 1959, Calallen, Tx. 1-7-7-5 Maria Christina Reyes b. July 2,, 1961, Calallen, TX. 1-7-7-6 Lydia (Lilly) Reyes b. Sept. 3, 1962, Calallen, TX. 1-7-7-1 The Family of Jose Tomas & Maria Velia Reyes-Roman. They met in the Army, married in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Calallen, TX. 1-7-7-1-1 Dominic Tomas Roman b. July 14, 1977, Ft. Hood Army Base, TX. 1-7-7-2 The Family of Pete & Dalia Reyes-Alvarado. Pete b. Jan. 4, 1954. Pete's parents were Jose & Olivia Deleon-Alvarado. 1-7-7-2-1 Elizabeth R. Alvarado b. Dec. 3, 1974. 1-7-7-2-2 Juanito R. Alvarado b. October, 11, 1977. 1-7-7-2-3 Lisa R. Alvarado b. August 19, 1980. 1-7-7-2-4 Thomas R. Alvarado b. Nov. 10, 1987. 1-7-7-3 The Family of Jose Santos and Maria de Jesus Cedillo-Reyes. m. July 8, 1978. Maria's parents are Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Alicia Espinoza-Cedillo. Maria is a Bank employee in Las Vegas, NV. Where they reside. 1-7-7-3-1 Jose Santos Reyes III b. Sept. 17, 1980. 1-7-7-3-2 Robert Micheal Reyes b. May 21, 1985. 1-7-8 Maria del Carmen Nehaff Reyes b. Sept. 27, 1934. m. Mar. 3, 1962 St. Joseph Catholic Church, Corpus Christi, TX. To Francisco Villegas. Maria d. Oct. 24, 1974. 1-7-9 Antonio Nehaff Reyes: b. Jan. 30, 1937. Author of this document, who researched and gathered and asked for help on this genealogical project. Thanks to all, and rushing to put this on paper and the internet And to make available to all. 1-7-9 The Family of Antonio & Janet Ruth Van Vleet-Reyes. m. Nov. 2, 1958 in Springfield, Michigan. Antonio was in the Air Force and stationed at Custer Air Force Station, Mi. Janet was a resident of Springfield, Mi., and the time lived at 282 N. 16 Street, Springfield, MI. 1-7-9-1 Judy Kay Reyes, b. Mar. 10, 1959 in Battle Creek, MI. She was born Pre-maturely, hitting the scales at 2 pounds, 2 ounces. Today she weights 125 and lives in Guam. Normally, she lives in North Las Vegas, NV. 1-7-9-2 Gilbert Hayden Reyes, Nov. 8, 1964 in San Jose, Ca. An interstate 18 wheeler truck Driver, he maintains his permanent address a t 5825 Hall Street, Corpus Christi, TX. 1-7-10 The Family of Francisco (Paco) & Janet Mayberry-Reyes. Paco b. May 11, 1939. Married & Divorce in Los Angeles, CA. 1-7-10-1 David Reyes b. Sept. 30, 1974. 1-7-10-2 Robert Reyes b. Oct. 2, 1973. 1-7-11 The Family of Jose Tiburcio & Maria P. Rivera-Reyes. m. June 6, 1964. Maria b. Apr. 9, 1939, Both are from Corpus Christi, TX. Maria's parents are Eligio Sanchez-Rivera and maria Pensina-Rivera. Eligio's parents were: Victoriano & Virginia Sanchez-Rivera. Jose Tiburcio b. Jan. 14, 1942, in Corpus Christi, TX. 1305 Mary Street. d. Mar. 11, 1988 in San Bernadino, CA. He is buried in Corpus Christi, Rose Hill Cemetery. 1-7-11-1 Virginia Antonia Reyes b. Jan. 24. 1966. In Fresno, CA. 1-7-11-2 Nancy Starr Reyes b. Feb. 9, 1967. In Fresno, CA. 1-7-11-3 Jose Tiburcio Reyes, Jr. b. Feb 4, 1968. In Fresno, CA. 1-7-11-4 Lucy Reyes b. May 16, 1969. In Fresno, CA. 1-7-11-5 Maria Soleda Reyes: b. Aug. 15, 1970. In Fresno, CA. 1-7-11-6 Juan Roberto Reyes b.Oct. 16, 1971 In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-7 Linda Reyes b. Jan 4, 1973. In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-8 Joaquin Reyes b. Feb. 21, 1974. In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-9 Rey Reyes b. Apr. 9, 1975 In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-10 Cynthia Reyes b. Nov. 27, 1976. In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-11 Susie Reyes b. Mar 27, 1978. In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-12 David Reyes b. May 6, 1979. In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-13 Rosie Reyes b. July 23, 1983. In Corpus Christi, TX 1-7-11-1A The Family of Carlos & Virgina A. Reyes-Gonzalez. Carlos b. July 10, 1966. 1-7-11-1-1 Stephanie Barerra b. July 18, 1984. 1-7-11-1-2 Veronica Gonzalez b. July 10, 1987 1-7-11-1-3 John Anthoney Gonzalez b. Mar. 29. 1993 1-7-11-1-4 Christopher. b. June 25, 1997. 1-7-11-1B The Family of Jim & Virgina A. Reyes-Delgado 1-7-11-2 The Family of Nancy Starr Reyes 1-7-11-2-1 Reuben Pena. b. June 7, 1986. 1-7-11-2-2 Alan Pena. b. Jan. 29, 1988. 1-7-11-2-3 Jenna Acosta. b. Feb 6, 1993. 1-7-11-2-4 Brittney Acosta b. Apr. 17, 1995 1-7-11-2-5 Karen Galvan b. July 25, 1997 1-7-11-3 The Family of Jose T. & Diane Reyes Diane: b. June 19, 1954, Ft. Bragg, Fayette, South Carolina. 1-7-11-3-1 Nicole Reyes 1-7-11-3-2 Erica Reyes b. June 9, 1990. 1-7-11-3-3 Jose T. Reyes, Jr. 1-7-11-4 The Family of Richard & Lucy Ballesteros Richard b. April 15, 1963. Richard's Parents are Frank & Maria Ballesteros. 1-7-11-4-1 Heather Ann Ballesteros. b. Oct. 7, 1988. 1-7-11-4-2 Richard Ballesteros, Jr. b. Oct 5, 1990. 1-7-11-4-3 Elizabeth Ballesteros b. Dec. 18, 1991. 1-7-11-4-4 Amanda Ballesteros. b. 1-7-11-5 The Family of Robert and Mary Soleda Reyes-Almanza. Robert b. Sept. 5, 1966. 1-7-11-5-1 Justin Almanza b. Aug. 18, 1995 1-7-11-5-2 Lienzi Almanza b. Jan. 28, 1996 1-7-11-5-3 James Almanza b. July 20, 1998. 1-7-11-6 The Family of Juan Roberto & Becky Reyes. 1-7-11-7 The Family of Jimmy Rea & Linda Reyes-Vargas. 1-7-11-7-1 Brandon Reyes-Vargas. 1-7-11-7-2 Sebastian Reyes-Vargas 1-7-11-7-3 Irza Reyes-Vargas. 1-7-11-8 The Family of Joaquin & Ivonne Reyes. 1-7-11-8-1 Emery Reyes. 1-7-11-9 Rey Reyes is Single. 1-7-11-10 The Family of Eleno & Cynthia Reyes-Martinez. 1-7-11-10-1 David Eleno Reyes-Martinez 1-7-11-10-2 Thomas Rey.Martinez 1-7-11-11 The Family of Roland & Susie Reyes-Olivares. 1-7-11-11-1 Roland II, Reyes-Olivarez. b. Oct 18, 1997. 1-7-11-11-2 Randy Jacob Reyes-Olivarez b. July 16, 1998. 1-7-11-12 David Reyes, Still Single. 1-7-11-12 Reyes Rosie, obit: 8/2/1995 C-T, 8A -- and buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Corpus Christi, TX. 1-7-9 Family of Severa Reyes, Known to have married Twice. Villarreal & Fernandez. No Children. 1-8A Family of Estefana Reyes and Arturo C. Cantu. Arturo b. Aug. 7 1882, married Estafana Arturo was raised in Corpus Christi, and was a successful Transit Company Owner. He died Nov. 1, 1931. Estefana d. Sept. 26, 1929. 1-8-1 Ofelia Reyes-Cantu: b. Jan. 14, 1913 Corpus Christi Tx. 1-8B Family of Arturo & Amada Cantu. 1-8B-1 Delpha Cantu 1-8B-2 Delia Cantu. 1-8-1 The Family of Ofelia Reyes-Cantu and Jesus Quintanilla. Jesus b. June 11, 1909 in McCallen, TX. He died: Jan. 30, 1976. Ofelia d. Feb. 21, 1990. All Children borned in Corpus Christi, TX. Ofelia gave the children's name. 1-8-1-1 Irene C. Quintanilla born: June 14, 1931. 1-8-1-2 M.L. Quintanilla. 1-8-1-3 Carlos C. Quintanilla. 1-8-1-4 Reynaldo C. Quintanilla. 1-8-1-5 Eddie Quintanilla. 1-8-1-1 The Family of Irene Q. Polanko. 1-8-1-1-1 Anna Polanko 1-8-1-1-2 Sandra Polanko 1-8-1-1-3 Roberto Polanko 1-8-1-1-4 Betty Polanko -- FOR FUTURE AND FARTHER RESEARCH INTO THE TIBURCIO REYES FAMILY TREE. I have provided he last info that I have on Tiburcio & Family, My paternal grandfather. and for some of you, he is your great or great great grandfather. Researching the U. S. Census o 1880: Texas: Cameron County, The City of Brwonsville, dated: June 24, 1880. I found the Surname Reyes, spelled Relles, which is a variation of the name Reyes, I found Tiburcio living side by side on the same street with the other "Relles." So I have concluded that the following "Relles" ae related and strong possibility that they are brothers: U.S. Census: Brownsville, Cameron County, TX Dated: June 24, 1880. NAME AGE PAGE: Relles, Secundino 25 #455 Relles, Tiburcio 36 #455 Relles, Agapito 44 #455 Relles, Pedro 55 #456 Relles, Inez 38 #456 Relles, Zacharias 20 #456 They are living in the same street. next to each other. They list Mexico as their birthplace. CAUTION: Texas became a state, after these Relles were born. Except for Zacarias. What, I am tryng to say is, prior to 1846, the Brownsville Area belong to Mexico. Researcheres need to prove these guys are related and same father. This Census is in the Central Library, Corpus Christi, TX. in the History Room. (upstairs.)

The best is here.- Enjoy. Don't forget Email me the latest in births, marraiges, and death.

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