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Counter   Since 1 December, 1997.

Last Updated: 27 December, 2003.

H E L L O   E V E R Y O N E !

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Happy Chinese New Year 2004!
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personal greetings to everybody!
[22 January 2004, Thursday]

Grand opening! Grand opening! Grand opening for my second homepage, Striker's Kingdom on 5 of May, 2001. My first version of Striker's Kingdom has been set up since 1 December 1997 with about 6500 hits. Unfortunately, I had shut down it due to web hosting problems.

Welcome to my homepage, Striker's Kingdom. This is the second version of Striker's Kingdom

I hope you can sign my Guestbook before you leave. This will be my main boost for future updates. I would like to know who come and visit my page, especially my friends that we know each other. Please sign so that I know you come and visit my page. You are also welcome to report any broken links or voice out your valuable suggestions or constructive criticisms by email me. 

My page is always under construction. Please come back to check out the updates frequently. So, please remember to bookmark my homepage for future accessing. It will be a bonus for me if you are willing to recommend my homepage to your friends.

Here are some general information and guide about Striker's Kingdom.
About Webmaster - You can know more about ME. Find out who am I
Midi Jukebox - Some of my midi collections available for download for FREE
Photo Gallery - My personal photos with my friends taken during MEMORABLE occasions
TV Series & Movies - Introducing some INTERESTING and GOOD shows
Secondary School - My secondary school life, experience & memories, which I think is the BEST period
Favorite Artist - Introducing some OUTSTANDING characters artists of my choice
Cool Links - Including links to my friend's homepages and other USEFUL sites
Sign & View Guestbook - Please sign my guestbook here, it's my biggest ENCOURAGEMENT
Old Guestbook - My very first GUESTBOOK at Striker's Kingdom version 1, my first ever homepage
Finally, allow me to say thank you for visiting my homepage. Thanks a lot! Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

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Current Updates:
Please have a look at my Chinese New Year 2004 greeting. Added comments on the photos that I took while I'm in Australia. Please check at Photo Gallery. Added some new photos of my USQ graduation in September 2003.

Previous Updates:
I had created a new page dedicated to my favorite band, The Corrs and there's lots of MIDI for download. The Corrs held a concert in Malaysia on 7 October 2001 in Bukit Jalil and it was a great performance by the band. 

I had added a new page in photo gallery titled My Friends & I. Some miscellaneous photos taken on different occasions are up there.

I had scanned the photos taken during my trip to Kuala Lumpur in July 2001. Of course the main thing was watching Manchester United in action at Bukit Jalil.

Latest About Webmaster:
Recently I went to watch Emil Chou's concert at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands on 13 December 2003. It was a great night and I enjoyed it.
There is a good new to share with my friends. I've completed my Bachelor of Information Technology in University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Thank you to everyone who helped me, gave support and encouragement throughout my years of studies. Thanks to all my friends who are with me all these years too. My graduation will be held on 13 September, 2003 at Empire Theatre, Toowoomba, Australia. View my graduation photos at
I went to watch Manchester United vs Malaysia  football match at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil on 22 July 2001. What an experience! There was about 70,000-80,000 fans in the stadium and you can imagine the unbelievable atmosphere.

It was a dream moment for me to actually to watch the players playing in front of me and watching them in person, which includes key players like Fabien Barthez, Gary Neville, Dennis Irwin, Jaap Stam, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and of course David Beckham. Furthermore, I get the opportunity to watch two Manchester United's major signings this summer, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Juan Sebastian Veron. It is totally different to watch the match in the stadium compare to watching it on TV, as I'm always watching live football matches on Astro. You have to be in the stadium to feel the excitement and the atmophere is amazing..

I went to the stadium by LRT from Wangsa Maju. You can see all the fans in Manchester United's red, white, blue and the latest gold jerseys. It was so crowded. I'll regret if I didn't take this chance to watch it in Bukit Jalil. The result was Manchester United won 6-0.

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